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Cannabis Brands in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont

Silver Therapeutics is New England’s premier recreational cannabis destination. Our commitment to quality and excellence has endeared us to our customers and allowed us to expand into three different states! Whether you live in Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont (or adjacent to these states), you get to enjoy all the best products and strains that we have to offer.

However, because transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal, we work with different brands and manufacturers in each state. So, here’s a rundown of the best cannabis brands in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

Best Cannabis Brands in Maine

  • Afterglow Edible Co. – If you’re looking for some delicious chocolate, Afterglow has some incredible treats for your tastebuds! With flavors like S’mores, cinnamon rolls, and milk chocolate, you won’t even know there’s cannabis inside (so much accordingly).
  • Countdown – What’s better to wash down some delicious snacks than a can of cannabis-infused seltzer? If you haven’t had this kind of seltzer before, you’re in for a real treat. Countdown has two amazing flavors so far, with more on the way!
  • OG Hydrofarms – Hydro marijuana growing is one of the best options because it leads to more potent flowers. We carry several strains from this local farm, and they’re sure to make you feel incredible.
  • Sticky Fish – Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer to take concentrate because the potency is higher, and they don’t need as much to get the same effects. Sticky Fish has one of the best resins we’ve seen, and you’ll appreciate the smoothness of the high you get.

You can also browse the rest of the best weed brands in Maine here.

Best Cannabis Brands in Massachusetts

  • &Shine – If vaping is your primary method of taking cannabis, you’ll love the variety and selection of &Shine. This brand knows how to make the vaping experience more enjoyable, which is why it’s so good!
  • 1906 – Typically, cannabis edibles come in chocolate bars or gummies. 1906 offers the best of both worlds by selling chocolate drops. With different flavors and convenient packaging, you’ll be saying, “a little drop will do ya!”
  • COAST Cannabis Co. – Gummies are delicious and convenient, and they can be a lot of fun to eat, particularly if you’re trying to get high on the go. COAST has some of the best gummy flavors, including cherry, raspberry, tangerine, and sour watermelon.
  • Eyce – Buying cannabis is one thing, but what if you need a bong in which to smoke your favorite bud? Eyce has you covered with colorful and mesmerizing beaker-style bongs. It’s like you’re setting up a lab for getting high!
  • Fox Tales – Concentrate enthusiasts will love the potency and smoothness of these products from Fox Tails. The brand focuses on elegant packaging and mind-blowing results that will keep you coming back for more.

We sell products from all the best weed brands in Massachusetts, so there’s a lot more than what you see here. Check out a full list of the brands we carry here.

Best Cannabis Brands in Vermont

  • The Cannabis Collective – Vermont has some of the best cannabis growers in the country, most of which perfect their growing techniques on a few strains. The Cannabis Collective doesn’t have a wide selection, but it’s incredible.
  • Demeter’s Dank Delights – Some growers focus on one or two strains, but Demeter’s Dank Delights grows a much broader selection. So, whether you prefer Sativa, Indica, or hybrid flowers, you can find something that tickles your fancy.
  • Made Au Gold – If you like to roll your own joints, you know the value of a good rolling tray. Sure, you could just use the table, but the experience is much smoother and easier when you have a dedicated tray. Made Au Gold offers a wide selection of designs to suit your preferences and decor.
  • Satori – Those who prefer to vape will want to check out Satori’s vast selection of strains and flavors. This brand also sells whole flowers and delicious gummies, so you can basically do all of your cannabis shopping without buying from another brand.

If you want to find out more about the best weed brands in Vermont, you can check out the rest of our partners on our Vermont brands page here.

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