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Stoner and Co.

Stoner and Co is a family-owned and operated cannabis company in Biddeford, Maine. The breeders develop strains to produce effects that include relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. The proprietors of Stoner and Co work with other Maine dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics. At several of Silver Therapeutic’s Maine locations, you can find products from Stoner and Co, including flowers and pre-rolls. Stoner and Co also makes edibles, concentrates, and tinctures.

Stoner and Co releases high-quality cannabis with different potency levels. The company likes experimenting with hybrid strains to offer cannabis with versatile effects. All plants undergo testing at Stoner and Co to confirm ingredients and safety.

Their strains of Mule Fuel, Slurricane, and Special Needs are some of my favorites, both very consistent in quality and potency.

Owlfred_Tennyson Review via Reddit

I don't have a favorite strain from them, most everything is flavorful with great effects.

AutomaticMidnite Review via Reddit

Their strain special needs is the hardest hitting strain I have gotten my hands on in a long time!

nopedadoo Review via Reddit

Stoner and Co.

Product Line

Although Stoner and Co produces a line of edibles, Silver Therapeutics typically sells their pre-rolls and flowers. Peppermint Kush is available at multiple locations and sold as a flower with 23.5 percent THC. The strain crosses Stella Blue and Nepali Kush. Princess Magic Girl comes in flower and pre-roll form and has a sweet cherry aroma. Mood effects include an uplifting and happy sensation. Duchess of York also comes as pre-rolls and flowers with a potent sensation after use.

Stoner and Co. Review

Stoner and Co has an extensive menu of cannabis to suit anybody’s preferences. Notably, the flowers from Stoner and Co are among its bestsellers. The flowers from Stoner and Co have a strong aroma and flavor with THC potency levels from 15 percent to 30 percent. The concentrates from the company are condensed versions of cannabis and will have a THC potency generally above 50 percent. The tinctures and edibles from Stoner and Co will have a strength comparable to the flowers but offer a discreet way to use cannabis without smoking.

Strains from Stoner and Co change frequently but pricing is always a high value. Terpene profiles are unique with spicy and sweet blends. Some varieties have received awards from cannabis competitions, including the Duchess of York variety.

Stoner and Co Maine FAQs

Reach out to staff members from Silver Therapeutics if you have any specific brand questions. Our knowledgeable team members can recommend the best products for your particular needs. Before purchasing any of the cannabis from Stoner & Co, you may have the following questions:

Who makes Stoner and Co.?

A husband-and-wife team owns and operates Stoner and Co in Biddeford, Maine. They use breeds from all over the country and grow cannabis on-site.

Are the Stoner and Co. edibles vegan?

No. Stoner and Co makes chocolates, gummies, and candy, but they are not certified vegan.

 How strong are the Stoner and Co. products?

The potency of Stoner and Co products depends on type and strain. Mule Fuel Badder, Peppermint Hush, and Duchess of York are among the most potent types.

How much Stoner and Co. Products should I take?

Always use a small to moderate amount of any new cannabis products. Budtenders can make recommendations on how much to use for your specific needs.

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Stoner & Co retails their products through partnerships with dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics. Silver Therapeutics has multiple locations in Maine, with each dispensary offering various Stoner and Co products.

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Silver Therapeutics has a Portland dispensary with several Stoner & Co items. The dispensary is found on Fore Street in the city, across from the waterfront section. The Berwick, Maine dispensary also carries the cannabis line. Located near the border of New Hampshire, Berwick has flower options from Stoner and Co.