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The Best Cannabis Cultivation Facility in Maine

If you’ve been following us at Silver Therapeutics, you may have spotted a few of our in-house flower options on the menu. What you may not know is we are now proud to have our very first Maine cultivation facility where we bring these premium flower options to life. The Silver Therapeutics cultivation facility in Brunswick supplies flower bearing our name to all three of our dispensaries in Maine, including in Portland and Berwick.

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A Look at Our Cannabis Flower Cultivated in Maine

We’ve put a lot of compassion and care into our cannabis grow efforts. Just as we strive to make sure every visitor has access to premium products on our dispensary menus, we strive to pour that same level of dedication to quality into our Maine cultivation facility. We’re ecstatic to start offering flower with all the attributes we admire about other brands. Take a look at a few flower options you’ll begin seeing on our menus from our Maine cultivation facility.

Cotton Candy Cookies

Cotton Candy Cookies is the first flower we’ve brought to life at our Maine cultivation facility, so this Sativa strain’s debut is one we’re excited to share. A cross between Lavender and Power Plant, this trichome-covered cultivar is a true beauty with its orange pistils and purple hue. But its flavor is even more alluring with notes of fresh berries and fuel. Cotton Candy Cookies offers effects that you would expect with such a name: happy, creative, and energetic.

Farmer Fire

Farmer Fire is an exemplary specimen of what you would expect from an Indica strain. This flower is said to be a potent mix of relaxing and happy, but without the straight shot into couch lock or deep sedation. A cross between Cherry Pie and DJ Short F4 Blueberry, Farmer Fire delivers an intense collection of flavor notes that walk the line between fruit and earth.

Titty Sprinkles

A cross between Purple Punch and Grease Monkey, Titty Sprinkles got its comical name for a serious purpose: to raise breast cancer awareness. Awesome for medical patients, Titty Sprinkles leaves you feeling tingly and happy and may help if you’re dealing with pain, sleeplessness, or anxiety. The flavor collab is just as sweet with hints of berry and diesel.

What to Expect from Silver Therapeutics Cultivation

At Silver Therapeutics, we have always been passionate about high-quality cannabis. One reason we’ve been able to expand from humble beginnings as a locally-owned and operated dispensary to a multi-state operator is that we’ve maintained our sincere dedication to providing customers with top-of-the-line products.

The Silver Therapeutics cultivation facility in Brunswick, ME operates on those same principles: quality, dedication, and passion. We work hard to grow clean, flavorful cannabis and to bring strains to life that are rich in terpenes and valuable cannabinoids. However, we also focus on strains specifically bred to offer a memorable, enjoyable user experience.

Be sure to look for the newest additions to our flower menu directly from the Silver Therapeutics cultivation facility in Brunswick!