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Since 2015, the Wisely Hash Factory has produced strains exclusively for the medical marijuana community. The focus for Wisely is always quality, and they employ strict regulations on quality control. Products include cannabis flower, all-natural extracts, and hash rosin edibles. Based in Maine, Wisely is a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis.


Product Line

Wisely has a vast number of current strains of cannabis. The Wisely products are packaged fresh and promise potent, long-lasting highs. The following are what Wisely offers to Silver Therapeutics customers located in Maine:

Flower: Wisely specializes in indica and hybrid strains of flower. The flower comes in varying weights from 1/8 oz to 1 oz. Selections of flower include Grease Monkey, Marzhmallow #4, Project Z, and Honey Dew #1.

Wisely Hash Pre-Roll: Hash types of pre-rolls are sold under the Wisely brand. A popular infused pre-roll strain is the cross-type called Sour Banana Sherbet. Traditional pre-rolls available include Cream Sizzle #3 and Trop Cookies.

Edibles: Wisely specializes in edibles that are delicious and creative. Edibles come from live rosin with 10mg square servings. Try the Chocolate Squares, Hash Gummies, and White Chocolate Cookies and Cream Bar.

Rosin: Most customers find the rosin from Wisely incomparable. Coming in 1-gram containers, the rosin works in a dab rig, bowl, or vape pen. You can also add the rosin to edible recipes. 

Wisely Cannabis FAQs

What is hash?

Hash is a type of cannabis product that comes from a different part of the plant. Hash is considered more potent than other weed forms and typically has high levels of THC. Like cannabis, you can consume hash as an edible or smoke it.

Is cannabis legal in Maine?

In November 2016, Maine legalized marijuana in the state. Maine approved cannabis for recreational and medical use.

How much Wisely Cannabis should I use?

Wisely Cannabis has potent strains of flower and pre-rolls. Always start with a low amount to test your reaction to cannabis products. A small amount of edibles is often an excellent way to try a new brand like Wisely.

Wisely Hash Review

Wisely has a very positive reputation in the cannabis industry. Flower and hash are noted for being of the best quality and reasonably priced. The company has received positive feedback on the hash rosin and edibles. The company has a massive catalog of edible flavors with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate bases. Popular rosin varieties favored by customers include Gorilla Butter, Bouquet Blend, and Tropicana Cookies #12.

Find Wisely at Silver Therapeutics

Where to Buy Wisely in Maine?

Purchase Wisely cannabis and hash products at dispensaries in Maine. Check with licensed dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics to see what type of Wisely products they currently have for sale. 

Buy Wisely at Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics in Maine will handle all of your cannabis needs and carries a large selection of edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, flower, and more. Visit one of our Maine dispensaries to check the current stock of Wisely Cannabis.

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