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Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a cannabis company that produces flowers and mini pre-rolls for its customers. Although flowers are grown locally, the brand is nationwide, with distributors and growing operations in multiple states, including California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

This company is dedicated to providing a sustainable and enjoyable cannabis experience to everyone. Miss Grass is also working hard on legalization efforts in individual states and at the federal level.

miss grass fast times

Miss Grass

Product Line

The main items you can purchase are Miss Grass pre-rolls, which are miniature-sized for your convenience. These pre-rolls come in three different varieties:

  • Miss Grass Fast Times – This set is Sativa-dominant, so it gives you a mental boost to help you get more creative energy.
  • Miss Grass Quiet Times – This set is Indica-dominant, so it helps you relax and unwind after a long day.
  • Miss Grass All Times – As a full hybrid set of pre-rolls, you can smoke these anytime and not feel too energized or relaxed.
  • Miss Grass Half Times – This set is a blend of 1:1 CBD and THC. So, they won’t get you as high and will help you feel better overall.

Most of these products are available as pre-rolls or flowers, depending on your location and how you like to enjoy your weed.

Miss Grass Review

Customers from coast-to-coast love Miss Grass pre-rolls. The only major complaint is the size of these joints, as they’re about half what you would get from a different brand. However, the effects of the flowers are incredible and yield the exact benefits the package promises. Many users prefer Miss Grass as their “go-to” option for smoking, and the compact packaging makes it easier to carry joints wherever they go.

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Where to Buy Miss Grass in Massachusetts?

Miss Grass is a pretty prolific brand, so it’s available in most cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts and New England.

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