1906 is named for the last time cannabis was nationally accepted as a beneficial, versatile medicine. We believe it’s high time to bring cannabis back to the mainstream for the greater good (and the greater fun). Our mission is to revolutionize self-care with more effective, more accessible options for everyday needs. We have created six thoughtfully-engineered formulas to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s improving energy levels, relaxation, focus, mood, sex, or sleep. Each formulation is an optimal combination of medicinal plants and single-strain pesticide free cannabis. Every 1906 experience—whether it’s chocolate or a swallowable pill--contains a patented technology that makes it the fastest-acting edible in the world, with an onset of 20 minutes or less.

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1906 Drops

1906 Drops is a manufacturer of fast acting edible products available at the Silver Therapeutics dispensary in Massachusetts. The company is best known for using patented technology to make edibles work more quickly than ever—most effects kicking in 20 minutes or less. Most of the products from 1906 have a perfect balance with formulations of CBD and THC at a 1:1 ratio. All products come from medicinal strains of cannabis and come in pill formulations. With discreet packaging, you can easily take 1906 Drops on the go.

1906 Drops

Product Line

Products from 1906 are categorized by their effects. You will pick up tablets that help relax you or help energize you. The following are a few of the bestselling types of cannabis from 1906:

Bliss: The Bliss 1906 Drops are used for those who want a euphoric sensation. Take Bliss to feel an immediate mood boost or as a way to start your day with a sunny outlook.

Love: The Love strain will get you in the mood for love. 1906 recommends the formulation for romantic evenings with a partner.

Chill: The Chill drops from 1906 help you unwind after a long day. You may also find the type helpful in reducing inflammation.

Midnight: Achieve a great night’s sleep with the 1906 drops. The tablets are not habit-forming and will help you relax at night naturally.

1906 Drops FAQs

What is the dosage for 1906 Drops?

You don’t need a lot of drops to feel the effects. Most only take a tablet at a time when needed. The Midnight strain is potent, and the company advises only to use one drop at a time.

Can you cut the drops in half?

Yes. You don’t have to take a whole tablet. You can use a pill-cutting device to half the 1906 drops.

Can you chew the 1906 Drops?

No. Although the drops are a fast acting edible, you must swallow the pills and not chew them.

1906 Drops Review

Silver Therapeutics offers several types of 1906 drops for you to enjoy at our dispensary. The edibles come in varying pack sizes to help you bulk buy your favorites or sample a new type. The Midnight Drops are among the most potent and available in 20 packs. The indica type of cannabis has 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. You’ll likely fall asleep within 20 minutes if taken before bed.

Try out a single pack of strains like Genius from 1906. Boost brain power with a proprietary blend of cannabis, caffeine, and medicinal plants.

Increase the effects of any THC by using the Bump drops from 1906. The tablets contain 5mg of THC.

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Where to Buy 1906 Drops in Massachusetts?

1906 is permitted to sell their edibles at licensed dispensaries in Massachusetts. The vegan and gluten-free drops come in single packs, 20 packs, and 30 packs.

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Silver Therapeutics in Williamstown, MA can fulfill your cannabis orders, including edibles from 1906 Drops. Order ahead online or stop by the shop to browse current product selections.