Harbor House Collective

Harbor House Collective is a vertically integrated recreational adult use cannabis company located in Chelsea, MA. They cultivate, manufacture, and sell their own products as well as a premium selection of premium quality goods from other trusted licensed Massachusetts Cannabis Companies.

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Harbor House Collective

Harbor House Collective is a minority-owned cannabis business located in Massachusetts. Their company strives to support the local community by enabling partnerships with local dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics. Harbor House Collective aims to provide exceptional products by cultivating and manufacturing strains on-site at their New England location.

Harbor House Collective has an extensive menu, despite its small size. The Harbor House Collective menu includes pre-rolls, edibles, flowers, concentrates, and tinctures. Strains vary in potency, with some of the varieties being among the most powerful on the market. Silver Therapeutics has several Harbor House Collective products, including edibles and pre-rolls.

I tried the Dosi Face and the quality was very good. The buds were not dry at all. I’m interesting in trying more of their stuff. They are on my list of good brands.

Puzzleheaded_Log_398 Review via Reddit

The TKO is 🔥 I am definitely looking forward to trying more strains.

Tommy73560 Review via Reddit

I’ve had the Orange Vanilla Milano twice now, very solid both times.

Bad_Scooter1 Review via Reddit

Harbor House Collective

Product Line

The menu from Silver Therapeutics includes several Harbor House Collective products. A few standouts include:

  • Harbor House Collective Dosi Face Animal Cookies. The strain was developed as a blend of Dosidos #22 and Face-Off OG. Effects include calmness and euphoria. THC amounts are just above 89 percent, with 0.24 percent CBD.
  • Harbor House Collective Dosi Face Pre-Roll. The pre-roll version of Dosi Face has over 30 percent THC. The pre-roll has an earthy flavor with fruit notes.
  • Harbor House Collective Triple Chocolate Chip. The potent flower is a cross between Triple OG and Mint Chocolate Chip. The strain has more than 30 percent THC and will make you feel sleepy.

Harbor House Collective Review

Harbor House Collective has a well-established reputation for making quality weed. The producers use high-quality growing methods to cultivate cannabis plants. Classic strains are available as well as experimental types that are usually hard to find. The Harbor House Collective menu has varieties with high terpenes and fresh flowers. All products have proper labeling with accurate THC and CBD amounts.

Harbor House Collective specializes in hybrid strains that make the user feel energized and upbeat. Top sellers from Harbor House Collective include TKO, Dosi Face, and OVM—all hybrid types of cannabis. These Harbor House Collective products have between 24 percent and 42 percent THC. Aromas are pleasing for the products with lasting effects.

Harbor House Collective FAQs

The staff at Silver Therapeutics can assist with any questions you have about available strains, including those made by Harbor House Collective. The following are the most often questions asked about the Massachusetts brand.

Who makes Harbor House Collective?

Harbor House Collective products are produced in-house at a cannabis farm in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Is Harbor House Collective vegan?

Some of the edibles from Harbor House Collective are vegan, including the Pina Colada Sorbet.

How potent are the Harbor House Collective products?

The potency will depend on what strain of cannabis you use from Harbor House Collective. Heavy hitters from the company include the Jokerz, OVM, and Slurri Crasher.

How much Harbor House Collective products should I take?

The amount you use depends on your tolerance and the effects you want from cannabis. Always use a small amount of any new product to test its effectiveness.

Find Harbor House Collective at Silver Therapeutics

Harbor House Collective retails its products through partnerships with dispensaries in the New England area. Budtenders at the dispensaries can recommend what Harbor House Collective products to try, or you can choose to order ahead for pickup.

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Silver Therapeutics has a Williamstown, Massachusetts dispensary with a Harbor House Collective menu. The dispensary operates seven days a week with special offers on products and accessories. The Williamstown location is in the western part of the state and is found outside of North Adams and Pittsfield.