Fernway creates exceptional cannabis vapes for people who celebrate the good life: good food, good music, good scenery, and good company. By combining premium custom hardware, delicious natural terpenes, and high-purity distilled oil, they bring you the best-in-class vape cartridge you deserve. Fernway believes cannabis makes the good life even better. As passionate cannabis consumers, they’ve learned how a cannabis vape can elevate good experiences into great ones. And they want to share that with you. Their vapes deliver undeniable style and outstanding flavor. Each one meets their uncompromising quality standards so you can choose Fernway with confidence and focus on savoring every moment. The name is inspired by fernweh – which means a longing for faraway places. It’s at the heart of why we love cannabis. It’s the feeling that moves us all to explore new things, and to experience the familiar with a new perspective. It’s the pure excitement of seeking out the good life, and the deep satisfaction of finding it.

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Fernway has been around for a while, and their vapes are easily some of the most highly sought-after in Massachusetts. Out of over a couple of dozen options, you may be curious to know which Fernway vapes are best. Take a closer look at Fernway vapes and our picks for the best flavors.

Fernway cannabis vape pens

Fernway carts are bomb!!!! Stone fruit is my favorite. Highly recommend them and if you dont like it you can kick rocks lol

Tim Google Review - 1 month ago

Stone fruit is the best. Please make more with the same potency. Only thing I hate is my dispensary can't keep it on the shelf long enough lol

Chris Wells Google Review - 2 months ago

Amazing products and brand ! Converted a former flower only girl /vape hater into a Fernway Fanatic . In addition to amazing products, the Brand has such a classy touch with packaging,stylus and merch . Every Cart I've tried is as delicious as the last. Love mixing and matching with seasons, daily activities and mood.

bat1831 Google Review - 4 months ago

Reviewing the 3 Best carts I’ve gotten. I haven’t had clogging issues fortunately! The Mandarin Orange is probably my favorite all time cart, for now 😗 but they’re all good. Flavor, high, packaging all of it love the product. strain - "This is my favorite strain. Makes me feel relaxed and calm, but also gives me energy. Lately, I can’t find it anywhere locally. Please bring it back!"

H B Google Review - 5 months ago

I’m in Love! So far I have tried Bay Dream and Berry Haze and I have to say hands down my Favorite. Everything about Fernway Vapes say “Quality and Classy with a little Trendy”. Definitely a nice elevation to your day and mood.

Rebecca Riley Google Review - 11 months ago

Absolutely fantastic product. I tried it out for the first time yesterday and trust me when I tell you, “These vapes deliver!!!” Great experience.

Adams Google Review - 11 months ago

Having tried every cartridge from both the Flavor collection and Strain collection…I can say, without a doubt, Fernway has NAILED the cartridge game.

Anthony velez Google Review - 11 months ago

Learn More About Fernway

What Are Fernway Vapes?

Fernway vapes are a line of disposable vapes pre-filled with cannabis oil and naturally flavored with terpenes. Fernway has grown to be a go-to for both disposable vapes and vape carts, which are offered in most of the same flavors. Not only are the flavors top-rated, but the hardware used to make the disposables and carts is also high-quality. Fernway disposable vapes—are actually recyclable, which is rare with cannabis vape pens. Plus, the products go through stringent testing by third-party labs to ensure customers get a good quality, reliable product.

The Fernway brand models many of its vapes after specific, popular cannabis strains, such as Red-Headed Stranger and Tahoe OG. However, they also offer cannabis vapes simply flavored with familiar terpenes, such as the case with Mango and Pineapple Funk. Both Fernway flavors and strains are made with purified cannabis oil and they are considered to be pretty potent. The product lineup of vapes includes both gram and half-gram cartridges, as well as Travelers (disposable vapes), which are either .3 or .7 grams and perfect for your pocket.

Top Fernway Vape Strains & Flavors

Fernway has one of the most impressive lineups of options with its vapes. And, there are so many excellent options that it can be difficult to narrow down the list to pick the favorites. Each vape is incredible when it comes to flavor thanks to the use of natural terpenes in the vape oil. However, we pulled together the most requested options to lead you to your next pick at the dispensary.

1. Berkshire Gold

Flavor notes: Florals, Wood, and Earth

Inspired by and for the Berkshires, Berkshire Gold is one of the latest additions to the Fernway lineup but turns a lot of heads. This Sativa-inspired blend is an all-out flavor explosion thanks to the fact that it is meant to capture the essence of fresh cannabis sun-basked in the Berkshires. The uplifting effects will have you ready to explore the mountains, grab some local food, or relax lake-side.

2. Red-Headed Stranger

Flavor notes: Cinnamon, Orange, and Gas

What else could you expect from a vape modeled after Red-Headed Stranger than total zest and a little spice? This Fernway vape is uplifting and alluring thanks to its Sativa attribute, which means this is a go-to for people trying to avoid couch-lock and keep moving. The flavor notes of spicy cinnamon and zesty orange meld perfectly with a lovely gassy sweetness. And the effects take hold pretty quickly, especially the immediate emotional boost of clear-headed energy.

3. Pineapple Funk

Flavor notes: Tropical fruit

Pineapple Funk is a terpene-laced treat for your tongue and a favorite for fans of cannabis that usually delivers similar flavor notes. All decked out with paradise-worthy sweetness and tropical tinge, this cannabis vape is said to be the best for pinning down your groove. The Sativa-like effects are uplifting enough to keep your mood light and your feet moving, while the relaxing effects are hard to miss.

4. Berry Haze

Flavor notes: Berries, Cream, and Earth

Rich and Sweet, the Berry Haze Fernway vape is a true star in the brand’s lineup. With telltale flavor notes of blackberry and birch, the vape dances across your tongue and leaves such an enjoyably smooth finish. Considered an Indica blend, Berry Haze is great for kicking back and enjoying B-list movies, social gatherings, and a nap. A lot of people compare the flavor of Berry Haze to blueberries and vanilla.

5. Mango

Flavor notes: Sweet Mango

Kick back and enjoy the luscious flavor of freshly cut mangoes with Fernway’s mango vape. This vape is all golden goodness with its authentic cannabis terpenes, and the effects are just as sweet. Known for leaving you a bit more upbeat and chatty, this particular vape is Indica-inspired. The experience is great for the days when you need to unwind and de-stress.

6. Tahoe OG

Flavor notes: Pine, Gas, and Hops

Tahoe OG is an award-winning, Indica cannabis strain that has truly made a name for itself. The Fernway version of Tahoe OG in vape form is just as awe-inspiring. With true-to-strain flavors of spicy pine and hops paired with sweet notes of fuel, the vape flavors slide across the tongue leaving you utterly relaxed. Tahoe OG has a reputation for being a quick-hitting experience, so it is a perfect option at bedtime for people needing a good night of sleep.

7. Mountain Girl

Flavor notes: Earth, Skunk, and Sage

Mountain Girl came to life by combining Grandaddy Purple, White Widow, and Willy’s Wonder. So, when it comes to flavor and effects, you can easily appreciate the full-bodied experience all the way around with this Hybrid vape. True to its roots, Mountain Girl brings together the best of trademark cannabis flavors like herb and earth, but that skunk finish is truly prominent with this vape.

Find Fernway Carts at Silver Therapeutics

Fernway vapes and vape carts are sold at recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of Massachusetts. Always look for these vapes from reputable retailers to make sure you are getting an authentic product. Keep in mind, all Fernway vapes are tamper-proof and clearly identifiable. Ready to find your new favorite from the Fernway vape collection? Be sure to check out our recreational menu at Silver Therapeutics. Don’t forget to sign up for new product alerts, price drops, and savings opportunities!