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Coast Cannabis Co.

Coast Cannabis Co is a marijuana product producer based in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It’s owned and operated by a husband and wife team with long roots in the Bay State – not some nameless, faceless national corporation. As the first independently owned cannabis manufacturer in the state, the company says its mission is to, in its words, “empower everyone to put the best into themselves so they can get the most out of themselves.” They do this by avoiding the additives and other junk that can accumulate throughout the cannabis production process, including by starting with high-quality, ethically-grown, all-natural ingredients. This principle doesn’t just apply to their products. Coast Cannabis Co is active in the community, helping clean up local waterways and improve the natural environment.

Reviews Across the Web:

Coast Cannabis Co. Reviews

Love the gummies and that you are local.

Shauna Mackenzie Review via Facebook

Coast Cannabis is locally owned and operated by some wonderful grassroots people💚! The facility is beautiful ❤️ and the candy is as amazing as the people who make it ❣ Every product is crafted with love! Hardworking and humble, Congratulations on all your success! Well deserved

Ellen Brown Review via Facebook

I bought the Cranberry Pomegranate gummies recommended by a dispensary on Cape Cod this summer. He told me it would help me sleep. It's awesome.

Kathy Review via AskGrowers

Coast Cannabis Co.

Product Line

While many marijuana product companies are a mile wide and an inch deep, Coast Cannabis Co focuses on perfecting two types – Coast Cannabis Co edibles and Coast Cannabis Co vaporizers. Edibles are split into two equally effective and delicious categories – Coast Cannabis Co chocolate and Coast Cannabis Co gummies. Chocolate bars are handmade and ethically sourced. They’re available in regular milk, white or dark varieties, and more exotic types like s’mores, birthday cake, key lime pie, and berries and cream. Gummies are made without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colors and flavors, resulting in delicious, natural-tasting mango, sour watermelon, tangerine, cherry, raspberry lime, and other flavors. Different formulations include varying levels of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and other potent and effective compounds.

Those who prefer vaporizers will find high-quality cartridges filled with only pure cannabis oil and terpenes with no additives. With a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, cartridges are paired with cutting-edge hardware to create the optimal vaping experience.

Coast Cannabis Co Reviews

Marijuana users of all tolerances and preferences will find something to like among the wide selection of Coast Cannabis Co vapes and Coast Cannabis Co edibles. With more and more people not only concerned about the quality of their cannabis products but the ethics of the supply chain and sourcing, Coast Cannabis Co fits the bill. In a world of additives, preservatives, and other mysterious chemicals, the all-natural approach of Coast Cannabis Co is also a welcome change of pace.

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Whether you live on the tip of the Cape or nestled against the New York border, you’re likely not far from a dispensary selling some of Coast Cannabis Co’s terrific products. More than 140 locations partner with Coast Cannabis Co to bring their edibles, vaporizers, and other products to Bay State cannabis consumers. While many are clustered around larger cities like Boston and Worcester, plenty are spread throughout smaller towns and more rural parts of the state as well. With a product this good, it makes sense that it should be easy to get!

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While there are plenty of options for buying Coast Cannabis Co, none can match Silver Therapeutics. With locations in Boston and Williamstown (for those in the western end of the state), cannabis enthusiasts throughout the commonwealth will find themselves within a reasonable distance of either dispensary. Silver Therapeutics is locally owned and operated, guided by a mission to improve both wellness and general enjoyment through high-quality cannabis and marijuana products. Experienced budtenders will help buyers find the right strain and delivery method from the wide selection, and affordable prices keep them coming back. Stop in today to learn how Silver Therapeutics can help you!

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