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Yani Cannabis

Yani specializes in clean cannabis grown off of the coast of Maine. With indoor and outdoor growing facilities, Yani provides craft cannabis year-round. Instead of producing mass quantities of weed, Yani aims to create high-quality batches for local distribution. One of the goals of Yani from Maine is to create a sustainable growing method. Yani Cannabis wants to keep native soils nutrient-rich to help the environment and keep batches clean.


Product Line

Yani Cannabis offers a range of fresh flower and packaged goods for sale through licensed dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics. The following are a few of the most prevalent products from Yani:

Flower: Yani flower is among the purest in the northeast. Silver Therapeutics sells a variety of strains, including the Katsu Bubba. The rare indica hybrid is sold as a 1/8 oz and has a complete mind and body effect. Cerebral weed helps with sleep, chronic pain, and relaxation.

Rosin: Yani makes several strains of rosin—a concentrated form of cannabis that doesn’t come from chemical processing. Buying options include 1 gram of Road Sodas.

Pre-Rolls: Silver Therapeutics has many types of pre-rolls for sale from Yani. The pre-rolls come ready to smoke and take the guesswork out of measuring and rolling flower. Yani Cannabis currently has Giesel Lime as one pre-roll option.

Yani FAQs

What is the dosage for Yani Cannabis?

The dosage of any cannabis depends on your aims for the strain and your experience level. New cannabis users should start with low-dosage amounts. Pre-rolls from Yani are an excellent option for those who never used any of their products.

What are popular strains made by Yani from Maine?

Yani consistently changes its strains to present new offerings. Gelato 41 is a top seller from Yani due to its fun effects and fruity flavor. The hybrid strain has a slight indica dominance and will make you feel calm and collected.

Is Yani Cannabis sold in other states?

No. The products from Yani are only available at dispensaries located in the state of Maine. The Silver Therapeutics locations in Massachusetts will not carry Yani craft cannabis. 

Yani Cannabis Review

Yani flower and concentrates are potent and clean. Yani cultivates each strain on-premises and will grow outdoors and utilize their large indoor greenhouses. You will find new varieties released regularly while still being able to purchase your tried-and-true favorites. Current top strains include Cherry Double Gelato, Blueberries and Cream, Sour Diesel, and Ice Cream Cake.

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Where to Buy Yani Cannabis in Maine?

Yani is permitted to sell its products at licensed dispensaries in Maine. Yani concentrates, Yani flower, and Yani pre-rolls are sold in sizes from 1/8 oz to 2 g. 

Buy Yani at Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics in Maine can fulfill your cannabis orders, including a range of products from Yani Cannabis. Visit one of our Maine dispensaries online to order your products ahead of time. Our Maine dispensaries are located in Berwick and Portland.