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Dogwalkers Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Silver Therapeutics aims to bring high-quality weed to its dispensary customers. One of the premier brands carried is Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls. The Northeast company produces pre-rolls from craft strains of cannabis. Only fresh flower will go into any of the pre-rolls from the company. Pre-rolls from Dogwalkers come in stylish containers that make it easy to take on the go.


Product Line

Dogwalkers Cannabis makes several types of pre-rolls in a multitude of strains. Pre-rolls from Dogwalkers will come as either a Big Dog or Mini Dog. The Big Dog varieties come stuffed with 0.75 grams of cannabis wrapped in premium rolling paper. The Mini Dog features five 0.35-gram pre-rolls. In total, the Mini Dog will come to 1.75 grams. Dogwalkers include reusable canisters and tins with each purchase.

Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls come in hybrid, indica, and sativa strains. Each type will affect an individual differently depending on the dominant strain. Indica strains from Dogwalkers include Brownie Scout, Bubba Kush, Kosher Kush, Bubba Fett, and Hell’s Bells. Sativa strains currently are Clementine, Durban, and Sour Joker. Hybrid options are Strawberry Banana, Blue Dream, Mandarin Cookies, Lavender Jones, and Banana Cookies. Indica strains will make you feel more relaxed and ready to mellow out. Sativa strains will energize you and prepare you to tackle your to-do list. Hybrid strains will usually provide a combination of mellowing and energizing results. 

Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls FAQs

Are pre-rolls legal?

Pre-rolls are legal in any state that has approved recreational and medical marijuana sales. Check current legislation before purchasing or smoking any pre-rolls.

What is the difference between Big Dogs and Mini Dogs?

Big Dogs are larger pre-rolls and will take longer to smoke. The Big Dogs will last longer than the Mini Dogs. Mini Dogs are designed to enjoy quickly and are usually perfect for a short walk around the block. 

Will Dogwalkers pre-rolls burn evenly?

Unlike many other types, the pre-rolls from Dogwalkers are designed for even burning. If you have an issue with uneven burning at any time, remember to keep the slower burning side at the top of the product.

Dogwalkers Review

Dogwalkers Cannabis is known for having excellent structural integrity and isn’t prone to uneven burning. The joints are very effective and produce a high very quickly while smoking. Strains like Afternoon Delight give an uplifting sensation while making you feel calm and relaxed. You’ll feel steady happiness as you enjoy a Big Dog pre-roll. You may find the strain gets your creativity flowing and will help you with your work for the day.

Treeworks FAQs

How does Treeworks make it rosin?

Treeworks specializes in solventless rosin. Instead of using chemicals to create concentrates, Treeworks uses all-natural methods such as heat exposure, ice baths, and pressure. Solvents tend to strip cannabis of terpenes and focus only on high THC levels. Instead, the producer keeps the integrity of the plant and concentrates on purity.

Are the Treeworks tinctures and edibles gluten-free?

Treeworks only makes organic and gluten-free cannabis products. Any of the Treeworks options are also vegan-friendly and sugar-free. 

Treeworks Review

Treeworks has one of the best product selections based on effect. Instead of researching how a concentrate will make you feel, you’ll know immediately by the name. Treeworks wants to release pure products that haven’t been compromised by too much processing. The strains grown by Treeworks truly focus on full-spectrum effects. You can find a type of rosin to help you relax, a tincture to wake you up, and edibles that provide a sedating sensation.

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Where to Buy Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts?

Dogwalkers are permitted to sell their products at licensed dispensaries in Massachusetts. The company also sells the pre-rolls in states where weed is legal.

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Silver Therapeutics in Massachusetts will handle your cannabis needs, including offering products from Dogwalkers Cannabis. Visit our Williamstown, MA, dispensary website to order any products ahead of time.

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