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PAX makes premium-quality vaping devices like the PAX Era that you can slip into your pocket and pair with pre-filled cartridges for weed on the go. Best of all, when you own a PAX Era, you can pick and choose which strains you want to try from the massive collection of PAX pods. And, when it comes to PAX pods Massachusetts and Maine have an impressive number of options. Below is a look at some of the best strains available in PAX Era pods Maine and Mass have to offer.

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Pax Era Reviews

This is gear, not weed, but I only smoke/vape indica so I marked effects accordingly. The era pods are twice as expensive as standard carts, but the pen is extremely discrete. It looks like a long thumb drive so you can take it places you can’t ordinarily sneak a vape into.

bo ❤Jane Review - July 22, 2022

I just purchased the pen by itself but it was My favorite pen to use! You get nice hits from it & it never clogged!

yc ❤Jane Review - June 24, 2022

Love that the carts last longer than most others. The Pax Era battery itself is sub-par. Regardless of how much I use it, it's completely dead within 24-36 hours. It seems like every time I go to use it, I have have to charge it first.

c7 ❤Jane Review - May 14, 2022

High quality but lost two to the dryer. Very slim and sleek and superior performance

pa ❤Jane Review - November 24, 2021

I paid $20 for my pax battery, $60 for my Yocan uni pro. But, in the end, the question was, is the pax worth it. For me, yes. It's super slim and easy to take anywhere. The pods have really come down in price, and the quality of the pods is excellent. They last way longer as well. As I said, I only have the uni pro for purple hills products now. Everything else is a pax pod. And, as with everything in life, if it ain't for you, it ain't for you. Just one person's experience here.

anywhrbuthere Reddit review - 5 months ago

As someone who has smoked tons of 510 carts and mainly uses a pax there are a few differences; the major difference is a .5 pax pod will last me equally as long as a full 1g 510 cart. Other than that you are paying for the pax eco-system and branding. In the beginning pax Pods we’re horribly priced as the majority were all $50+ but priced have dropped and new products have come out like Fume full spectrum pods that sell for $29 which is a steal.

cynicalusername Reddit review - 5 months ago

What Are Pax Pods & How Do They Work?

PAX pods are pre-filled with high-grade cannabis oil derived from specific cannabis strains. PAX has partnered with over 50 different cannabis brands nationwide. Essentially, PAX uses cannabis grown by specific brands to create the extracts used in PAX pods. This is why when you search for PAX pods Boston or PAX pods Portland Maine, you can get totally different options.

For example, a brand PAX partners with in MA is RYTHM, which is an MA-based cannabis company. However, when it comes to PAX pods Maine, you will find a lot of pods made with cannabis from Jar Cannabis Co. In addition, PAX pods can be filled with different types of concentrates, such as live resin or cannabis distillate.

Best PAX Pod Strains

1. Motorbreath Live Resin

  • Type: Indica
  • THC: ~71%
  • Effects: Relaxing tranquility with a clear mind

If you enjoy a good level of bodily relaxation without the intense head buzz, Motorbreath is a good strain pick. Grown by Jar Cannabis Co. in ME, Motorbreath is a cross between Chem D and SVG OG. The above-average potency, intense flavors of gas and earth, and clear-headed effects make this a go-to for a lot of users.

2. Sundae Driver Distillate

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: ~88%
  • Effects: Charmingly mellow and inspirational

Just as you would expect a Sunday driver to be, Sundae Driver is all mellow and relaxing with a slight uptick of creative inspiration emotionally. This Hybrid is a cross between FPOG and Grape Pie, so the flavor is a little sour grape and a little sweet. Sundae Driver is another fabulous strain grown by Jar Cannabis Co.

3. Durban

  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: ~83%
  • Effects: fast-acting pain relief and energy

Modeled after Durban Poison, Durban from Rythm Cannabis in MA is a top choice in any form. The Durban PAX pod is just as alluring with its quick hand and energizing effects, which make it a good choice for everything from stress to bodily discomfort. The flavor profile is a bit of earth and wood with hints of pine and herbs.

4. Brownie Pie

  • Type: Indica
  • THC: ~71%
  • Effects: Hazily sleepy with a euphoric twist

If you remember the satisfying feeling of having a belly full of warm, Grandma’s or Mom’s brownies, you can appreciate the effects of Brownie Pie from Rythm. This strain serves up a cherry pie flavor that wraps the inside of your mouth in utter sweetness. The end effects of sleepy satisfaction are just as sweet.

5. Mendo Breath

  • Type: Indica
  • THC: ~73%
  • Effects: Happy pain relief with total relaxation

A cross between OGKB and Mendo Montage, Mendo Breath is chock-full of earthy vanilla flavor sprinkled with spicy pepper flavors. This particular PAX pod is a favorite for sleep because it automatically radiates through the body to leave you comfortable and ready for bed. Yet, don’t be surprised to experience a case of the giggles somewhere in the mix of your bedtime routine.

Where to Buy PAX Era Pods Massachusetts and Maine

PAX pods are available at multiple dispensaries throughout both marine and Massachusetts, including right here at Silver Therapeutics. You can also use the PAX pod locator on PAX’s website to find a retailer near you. Due to the popularity of PAX vaping devices, we make sure our customers have access to some most-preferred pods and strains. Be sure to track down the dispensary closest to your location in Maine and Massachusetts and check out our inventory via online menus.

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