Jar Co.

Supporting local agriculture, and using organic products and nutrients are some of the ways Jar Co. strives to promote healthy communities in Maine. They aim to be the farm to table of cannabis, and do so by providing products and services that you can feel good about. Their care-giving starts with putting meticulous effort into growing cannabis in a clean, top tier facility. They then test and verify their products to ensure accurate dosing. Jar Co. proudly does all of this in full compliance with local and state regulations. They do not carry all strains at all times.

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Jar Co.

Jar Cannabis Co. is a Maine-based, vertically integrated cultivator, processor, and retailer that has been around since the beginning of the state’s cannabis industry. With a reputation for using organic ingredients and innovative technology to produce reliable, high-quality products, Jar Cannabis has rapidly gained a stellar reputation. We are thrilled to have both Jar flower and other cannabis products available on our Maine dispensary menus.

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so my go to is wedding cake, I went with what she suggested, and let me tell you, i’ll definitely be switching between cake and deep fried ice cream cause this buds phenomenal.

ambergedaroo Weedmaps review - 3 months ago

wicked schtinky schtuff check it out

bushdr2001 Weedmaps review - 11 months ago

Fire flower. Hands down the best flower I’ve had in Maine. Staff is always knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.

ElJefe410 Weedmaps review - 11 months ago

Top Jar Cannabis Co. Strains

Jar Cannabis Co. strains vary depending on the growing season and demand. However, you can always count on the brand to offer tested, verified flower that provides an excellent experience to the end user. Check out a few top picks and fan favorites from the Jar strain collection below.

1. Clementine Kush

  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: ~14%
  • Effects: Physical relaxation and expansive cerebral effects

All citrus and floral, Clementine Kush is a true winner in the Jar marijuana lineup. This flavorful beauty is all richness and royalty thanks to its genetic lineage: Tangerine Sunrise and Sanjay Gupta Kush. Clem K. delivers a unique experience that expands the mind into new arenas while leaving the physical body utterly at ease.

2. Purple Punch

  • Type: Indica
  • THC: ~16%
  • Effects: Stress-relieving and sedative

Ready to send your day’s stress into another orbit and get some sleep? Purple Punch is the Jar flower to look for on dispensary shelves. A cross between Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG, this Indica dominant strain delivers just what you would expect: emotional and physical rest. The flavor of Purple Punch is just as captivating. She’s all vanilla sweetness wrapped in a slight sour grape candy.

3. Chem Diesel

  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: ~23%
  • Effects: Cerebrally energetic with a glued-down body high

Chem Diesel may be a Sativa-dominant strain, but this heavy-handed cultivar is only energetic in terms of its cerebral high. You’ll find your mind drifting into new dimensions and coming up with creative concepts while your body stays glued to the couch. As a cross between Sour Diesel and Chem 91, you can expect intense diesel flavors and aromatics.

4. Violet Vixen

  • Type: Sativa
  • THC: ~19%
  • Effects: Head-to-toe vibrating energy

She’s all fresh berries mingled with grapes and spice, so Violet Vixen is a true charmer in the flavor and aromatics department. Her uplifting charm is nothing to disregard, however. A lot of people seek out this strain from Jar Cannabis Co. because of her insanely energetic euphoria. You will want to get up and dance or tackle a project. Genetics? Jet Fuel Gelato and Purple Punch.

5. Topanga Canyon

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: ~24%
  • Effects: Euphoric and sensory sharpening followed by relaxation

When you bring together Topanga and Sweatband, Topanga Canyon is the result. This cultivar is all sweet and sour with her woody/pine flavors dashed with bright citrus and sweetly smooth earth. Topanga Canyon takes you right to your happy place at its peak and then lulls you into a canyon where you have a hazy sense of bliss physically and emotionally.

Other Top Products from Jar Cannabis Co.

Even though Jar Cannabis Co. is most widely recognized for its premium flower, the brand does offer other options in terms of cannabis products, specifically in the concentrate and vape departments. Check out a few of the local favorites in each category.

Jar Vape Carts

Jar offers cannabis distillate PAX pods made using some of its top strains. For example, Sundae Driver PAX pods offer a Hybrid smoke with hints of berries, pepper, and earth. Our customers love this particular option in Jar vape carts because it is excellent for melting away physical tension and emotional stress. Another top pick is Silver Kush live resin PAX pods. Silver Kush a Sativa-leaning strain with loads of giggles to deliver and a smooth comedown.

Jar Concentrates

Of the Jar concentrates available, Jar batter is one of the most preferred for its quality, purity, and flavor. For example, Watermelon Gelato batter from Jar is up to 70 percent THC, sweetly floral and earthy n flavor, and bound to help with aches and pains. If you prefer a more solid-state concentrate, look for Wedding Pie sugar from Jar. Wedding Pie is a heavy-hitting Indica strain with high THC levels that works great for emotional uplift and chronic pain.

Find Jar Cannabis Co. Products for Sale in Maine

At Silver Therapeutics, you can always bet on the fact that we will only offer the highest-quality cannabis and cannabis products. We’re proud to bring Jar Cannabis Co. products to our dispensaries for that very reason. If you plan to visit one of our dispensaries, be sure to take a look at the menu online to find out what products we have in stock.