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Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock offers organic cannabis products throughout the northeast region. The family-owned company is located in Massachusetts and provides cannabis strains to dispensaries in Massachusetts. The Hidden Hemlock cannabis is high-quality due to the micro-craft level of cultivation. Hidden Hemlock keeps operations small and only uses organic soil.

Silver Therapeutics has a partnership to offer Hidden Hemlock products at their Massachusetts locations. All flowers are grown in a clean and chemical-free environment. The owners of the cannabis farm handpick all Hidden Hemlock strains.

Hidden Hemlock

Product Line

Hidden Hemlock strains are consistently changing as the growers find new varieties to share with consumers. Some recent strains include the following:

  • Banana Cake. The Banana Cake hybrid strain has a powerful energizing effect with a banana and wedding cake flavor profile.
  • Columbian Lemon. The Columbian Lemon is a potent sativa and not recommended to new cannabis users. The aroma has a very distinct weed smell with traces of licorice.
  • Holy Grail Kush. Holy Grail Kush is another hybrid blend from Hidden Hemlock. The Hidden Hemlock strain has a spicy flavor but a mellowing effect.
  • Wizard Dawg. The Wizard Dawg strain is among the most popular offered by Hidden Hemlock and has a peppery flavor.

Hidden Hemlock Review

Hidden Hemlock cannabis is grown in 100 percent organic soil and cultivated using natural pest management methods. The company produces small batches for dispensaries like Silver Therapeutics with only premium flowers. Hidden Hemlock reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with fans of the brand pleased with the company’s dedication to only using all-natural soil and never relying on other growing methods. The company is willing to offer classic strains and experiment with new and exciting hybrids.

Hidden Hemlock FAQs

The staff at Silver Therapeutics can assist with any questions about available strains, including those made by Hidden Hemlock. The following are the most often asked about the brand.

Who makes Hidden Hemlock?

Hidden Hemlock was founded by two brothers in a rural area of Massachusetts. The micro-operation takes up less than 5,000 square feet with strains cultivated in organic conditions.

How strong are the Hidden Hemlock strains?

Potency varies between Hidden Hemlock strains. Columbian Lemon and Wizard Dawg are among the most potent strains and will likely work best for established cannabis users. Holy Grail Kush and Sour Peaches have a medium potency and work well for those looking for a mild relaxing effect.

How much Hidden Hemlock should I take?

The amount of Hidden Hemlock products you use will depend on your needs. Budtenders may recommend low to moderate amounts when you test out any new strains.

Shop Hidden Hemlock

Find Hidden Hemlock at Silver Therapeutics

Purchase Hidden Hemlock at dispensaries located in Massachusetts. Since the cannabis operation is small, they limit sales in other states.

Buy Hidden Hemlock at Silver Therapeutics

Silver Therapeutics can offer Hidden Hemlock products at their two Massachusetts dispensaries. The Williamstown Dispensary is open seven days a week and has an order-ahead option. The location is one of the newer dispensaries in the area and can be found just outside North Adams. The Boston Dispensary will also soon offer up a selection of Hidden Hemlock strains and is located in the Roslindale area of the city.

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