Silver Therapeutics 2022 Highlights: Best Sales of the Year

Without a doubt, 2022 was a big year for weed. It was also a big year for us here at Silver Therapeutics! Our growing team now includes over 50+ members (over 60% of whom are women) and we could not be prouder of them for their hard work! We had the liberty of providing some of the best selling cannabis products across two states. And, with our recreational sales ramping up in both Maine and Massachusetts, we got an even broader understanding of what our customers love the most. Check out the best selling marijuana products at our dispensaries in 2022.

Best Selling Weed Products 2022

1. Cannabis Flower

No surprise here with our massive selection of strainsā€”both oldies and new admirable contendersā€”from top brands in two states. Cannabis flower topped the list of best selling cannabis products in 2022. Further, despite all the modern cannabis products, most people do still prefer traditional consumption. A few fave flower brands in MA were The Botanist, Good Chemistry Nursery, and Hidden Hemlock. In ME, top brands included Brilliant Buds and Coastal Roots.

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2. Pre-rolls

A Natural runner-up for the top selling weed product was pre-rolls, which is also not a big surprise. Pre-rolls are convenient, relatively inexpensive, and ready to go. You can try different brands and strains without committing to a full eighth of weed. If you want to try the Lemon Lime Punch Strain or White Fire OG, for example, just grab a pre-roll, and you’re good to go.

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3. Weed Edibles

Since cannabis has gone mainstream, cannabis edibles go far beyond your basic pot brownie. From gummies and drops to capsules and chocolate bars, you can eat your weed in all kinds of delectable ways. You can even drink your THC instead of eating it if you prefer. In 2022, weed beverages made up a huge part of edible sales. We actually sold nearly three times as many weed beverages as cannabis tinctures.

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4. Vape Cartridges

Vape carts are top cannabis products about every year, and 2022 was no different. And, the simple fact is, you can find some of the best vape carts brands in both Maine and Massachusetts right here at Silver. With the ability to get flavorful vapes that align with familiar brands in the form of a vape cart or disposable, you get a simple to hit when you want as well as a familiar experience.

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5. Cannabis Concentrates

Ask a serious cannabis connoisseur, and they’ll likely tell you that concentrates are where it’s at. The concentrate market has grown much more robust over the last few years. With picks like budder, live resin, shatter, and badder, there are so many experiences to explore. Additionally, with concentrates, you always get a nice bang for your buck due to the high THC content. Tinctures were also a popular concentrate for 2022, which are often preferred for microdosing purposes.

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6. Chillums

Preloaded chillums were a relatively new addition to our menus in 2022, and they were definitely a big hit. Chillums are preloaded with about a third of a gram of top selling cannabis flower strains. For example, you can get an LA Kush Cake chillum in MA, which was and remains one of our best selling weed products.

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7. Topicals

Balms, topical oils, body scrubs, and lotionsā€”cannabis-infused topicals are a go-to therapeutic option for people looking for pain relief without the euphoria. In 2022, topicals stayed on the list as one of the best selling marijuana products for this reason. With options available from top brands like Healer Hemp in ME and The Healing Rose in MA, you truly can’t go wrong.

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Find the Top Cannabis Products at Silver Therapeutics in 2023

We had so much fun hand-selecting the top brands and cannabis products in 2022, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store. As you welcome the start of a new year, keep in mind you can always count on Silver Therapeutics for the best selling cannabis products. We love what we do here and have retained over 90% of our employees year over year, so you can look forward to seeing your favorite staff members in 2023! Be sure to check out our menus in Berwick, ME, South Portland, ME, Portland, ME, and Williamstown, MA literally and metaphorically in store for you.

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