The Best Flower and Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

No doubt, finding good cannabis flower in Massachusetts is an easy feat. MA’s adult-use cannabis business is in full swing, and it seems like every year a new, fabulous brand steps up with impressive flower or pre-rolls to offer. In fact, there can be so many great options, it can be difficult to choose when you visit a dispensary. To help you out, we’ve created a list of the best flower and pre-rolls in MA, as well as a few contenders for the strongest flower Massachusetts has to offer.

Best Cannabis Flower Brands in Massachusetts

1. The Botanist

The Botanist has an all-out amazing showcase of popular cannabis flower strains available. The brand focuses on bringing strains to life that have the most to offer, whether in terms of flavor or experience, so you never walk away from this branded flower feeling disappointed. A few good strains to look for from The Botanist include:

  • Durban Margy
  • The Beaves
  • Violet Fog

2. Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry Nurseries, which is based in Worcester, has rapidly grown to be a favorite brand among cannabis consumers. Good Chemistry cultivates premium cannabis strains in small batches to ensure the quality of every plant is carefully monitored from start to finish. With a mix of classic and unique strains, Good Chemistry always has something desirable to offer. A few strains to look for include:

  • Headband
  • Gravy
  • Purple Trainwreck

3. Apothca

The Apothca cannabis brand brings its plants to life in an advanced outdoor cultivation campus, and every bud they deliver shows the quality of the process. Apothca handpicks the best strains to grow based on the quality of genetics. Thanks to this effort, the brand has curated a premium collection of quality craft cannabis strains, such as:

  • Grease Monkey
  • Dirty Little Secret
  • Guicy Banger

4. Budhaus

Budhaus is a relatively new flower brand in MA but is gaining traction just the same. Budhaus brings some highly potent options to the table, including some strains that push well over the 30-percent mark in terms of THC. Therefore, they are quickly becoming a popular pick for cannabis in MA. A few good strains to watch for on MA dispensary menus include:

  • Lemdawg
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • GMO Cookies

5. Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock grows fine examples of craft cannabis strains. The brand produces what is referred to as “connoisseur-grade flower,” which is flower grown in very small batches using only organic agents and quality growing processes. Plus, Hidden Hemlock often resurrects strains the world has mostly forgotten. A few strains to look for from Hidden Hemlock include:

  • Columbian Lemon
  • Sour Peaches
  • Grape Gasoline

Best Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

1. Ocean Breeze Cultivators Pineapple Mushroom Pupil

Ocean Breeze Cultivators has a reputation for bringing modern strain masterpieces to life, and Pineapple Mushroom Pupil is the perfect example. All earthy and sweet fruit with a serious level of dank cheese, this pre-roll has complex, yet rich flavor. And the high is somewhere between jet-fueled and jet lag, which is the perfect balance you would expect from a hybrid.

2. Blackstone Valley Naturals Platinum Gushers

Not quite a pre-roll but just as convenient, the Platinum Gushers pre-packed chillums from Blackstone Valley Naturals are a big hit in MA. The strain itself is a mix of gelato 41 and Triangle Kush, so you get this intense flavor of tropical fruitiness and cream. The Indica-dominance will leave you wholly relaxed and happy. The fact that this lovely strain comes in pre-packed chillums is simply the icing on the cake for customers that want a clean smoking experience with no wraps involved.

3. Animal Mints from Dogwalkers

A cross between SinMint and Animal cookies, Animal Mints never lets you down when you want a sweet, evening experience. Pick up a 5-pack of Animal Mints pre-rolls from Dogwalkers, and you’ve got a pre-roll for several days ahead. Enjoy this hybrid smoke with just over 24 percent THC when you need to de-stress and unwind at the end of a long day. Each five-pack comes tucked away in a handy tin for safekeeping and to protect the freshness.

4. Papi Sweet Sluggers Wedding Cake

Papi Sweet Sluggers are rolled in a green tea blunt wrap, which means you always get a tobacco-free and totally smooth smoking experience. Even better, every pre-roll comes with a box of matches. A preferred pre-roll from Papi is always Wedding Cake. This beauty has more than enough THC to go around at over 26 percent and the lulling sweet flavor calls for a celebration.

5. Yamna Future Wife Cannagar

If you prefer a good mid-grade THC potency and a cigar-like pre-roll, pick up a Yamna Future Wife Cannagar. A cross between Sophisticated Lady and Future, Future Wife is bound to have you committed with its even-keeled high and robust aromatics and flavors. This hybrid has just over 18 percent THC and just a dab of CBD to keep you level-headed and all happy. The two-gram Cannagar is also enough to share with a fellow smoker if you don’t want to keep it all to yourself.

Strongest Flower Massachusetts

If you’re on a search for high THC flowers Massachusetts is the right place to be. Several brands like INSA and Hidden Hemlock make sure customers have access to some of the most potent flower available anywhere. A few top contenders you will see on our menu at Silver include:

  • GMO from INSA (32.5%)
  • MAC 31 from fresh Connection (31.39%)
  • Strawberry Bubblegum from Hidden Hemlock (31.26%)
  • PK Crasher from Ozone Reserve (30.99%)
  • Lemon Jeffery from Ocean Breeze Cultivators (30.2%)

Get the Most Sought-After Cannabis in MA at Silver Therapeutics

Looking for the best cannabis flower in Massachusetts? At Silver Therapeutics, we take it upon ourselves to make sure you have just that. From elite strains from top brands to incredibly tempting pre-rolls, our menu is filled with all the greats when it comes to cannabis in MA. Don’t forget to take a look at our menu and pick your faves—you can order ahead for quick pickup when you arrive.

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