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What is the Lemon Lime Punch strain?

Some cannabis strains hit hard and leave you completely relaxed. Others put you in the headspace to get stuff done. Lemon Lime Punch is the perfect combination of both. This perfectly balanced Hybrid is not quite as potent as some at 15 to 18 percent THC, depending on the cultivar. Nevertheless, this beauty is one to remember for its hard-hitting, long-lasting effects and ability to deliver you from the moody blues.

More Lemon Lime Punch Strain Characteristics


The Lemon Lime Punch weed strain is a cross between Schrom and Purple Punch. Since Purple Punch is a heavily Indica-leaning hybrid and Schrom is primarily known as a Sativa strain. So what you get with Lemon Lime Punch is a well-balanced hybrid that brings the attributes of both parents to the proverbial table.


If you love aromatic strains, Lemon Lime Punch should be a front-runner in your preferred options. This strain really saturates its environment with those citrus-punch aromatics even before ignition. But the true beauty comes along when you burn the flower—Lemon Lime Punch comes across like lemon cake and berries, super sweet and fragrant.


The Lemon Lime Punch weed strain has a complicated flavor but in the best way. According to Leafly, the lemon-lime-citrus notes in the strain are strong, so this is what you get right off. Yet, as the flavor settles on your tongue, there’s less of a citrus bite and more of a tropical sweetness. Some even claim the strain has a nice herbal, flowery finish.


One of the top terpenes in Lemon Lime Punch is—no surprise—limonene. However, the strain has a hefty punch of terpinolene and caryophyllene too thanks to its lineage. The collaboration of minor and major terpenes gives this strain a unique flavor and aromatic profile that’s hard to beat.

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What are the effects of Lemon Lime Punch?

Lemon Lime Punch is a go-to for some medical patients because it is said to be good for anxiety, nausea, stress, and depression. The euphoric nature instantly sends negative thoughts by the wayside. You do get a bit hazy right off, but as the high settles, there’s this overtone of euphoria and mental clarity. Some reviewers claim that Lemon Lime Punch is great for “wake and bake” because you feel fine to go on about your day. You’ll feel like your senses have sharpened, and you’re ready to have a good conversation with pretty much anyone.

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