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What is the Lucky Charms Weed Strain?

Looking for a truly balanced hybrid strain? The Lucky Charms strain is aptly equipped to deliver just that. At pretty much a 50/50 mix of Indica/Sativa lineage, robust fruity flavor, and crowd-pleasing effects, this weed strain is not one to miss. When you get to experience the Lucky Charms strain, you may feel like you’ve hit the cannabis jackpot. Check out the details on Lucky Charms below.

Lucky Charms Strain Genetics

The original Lucky Charms was created by Bodhi Seeds, which are prolific growers in cannabis that have been credited with bringing forth such strains as Sunshine Daydream. Lucky Charms quickly became a new favorite among enthusiasts because of its 50 percent Indica, 50 percent Sativa qualities—not many strains offer such an equal balance.

Lucky Charms is a cross between Appalachia and The White, both of which offer telltale pungence and profound psychoactive effects. On the cannabinoids scale, this one usually comes in at about 22 to 25 percent THC, and it rarely contains measurable levels of CBD. Keep in mind different producers can have nuanced differences with all strains, so be sure to take a look at the cannabinoids and potency of any specific product.

Lucky Charms Effects: What to Expect

Totally uplifting and euphoric, yet utterly relaxing, Lucky Charms has made a name for itself because of its unique collaboration of effects. The top reported effects from firsthand Luck Charms reviews include Sleepy, Tingly, and Aroused, but nearly three out of four people report feeling happy, and about half say the strain gives them a punch of creativity.

If you’re looking for a strain that gets you a good heady high and a pop of energy followed by total serenity with bodily relaxation, Lucky Charms is the way to go. One of the few downfalls of the strain is the fact that the lack of CBD may mean a higher likelihood of experiencing paranoia.

Strain Appearance

Lucky Charms is a quick-flowering strain, but that definitely doesn’t make the buds any less gorgeous to look at. The buds are often shaped like grapes with eye-catching emerald green hues set off by bright orange pistils. Top that with a dense coating of white trichomes and you’ve got one impressive-looking cluster to enjoy.

Aroma & Flavor Profile

Super-sweet, sugary, and fruity—almost like the namesake cereal—Lucky Charms is most dominant in those citrus/berry terpenes like limonene and myrcene. The aroma comes across like sun-ripened berries and a hint of pungency, but the taste on inhaling is sweet berry goodness. You’ll usually get a rush of sour citrus on the way out of your mouth.

Ask About Lucky Charms at Silver Therapeutics

Whether you’re after an uplift to target a depressed hum-drum state or you need a strain purely to get you into a creative mindset, Lucky Charms is always a good option. The flavor is bright and sweet—truly hard to forget, but the effects are just as unforgettable. Ready to try Lucky Charms for yourself? Be sure to take a look at our menus at Silver Therapeutics dispensaries to reserve your order in advance. Check out more about cannabis strains on our blog.

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