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NF1 Strain Genetics

NF1 Weed Strain Information | Leafly
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NF1 is a hybrid, high-THC strain with parents that are readily recognized by any cannabis enthusiast: Northern Lights and Chemdawg. The THC content in this strain makes it one of the most preferred modern crosses, as the levels can come in at anywhere from 23 to over 29 percent. As an offspring of two of the most well-known hybrids, NF1 delivers attributes of both famed parent strains as far as experience, taste, and aroma are concerned.

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NF1 Weed Effects: What to Expect

The NF1 strain often gets labeled as a Sativa-dominant hybrid thanks to its roots. It tends to deliver a more uplifting high with a mental uplift and energetic experience. People report a range of effects from NF1, but most often report feeling immediately creative, energetic enough to tackle the day, giggly, and relaxed. The high with NF1 tends to also be long-lived, most likely thanks to the high THC and hefty cannabinoids present in the strain. While the strain definitely has its perks, it may be a bit more likely than some to induce a sense of paranoia.

Physical Characteristics of the NF 1 Strain

The NF1 bud is densely packed, sage-to-deep green, and covered with sparkling crystal trichomes. Be sure to opt for the freshest flower, which will be easy to spot with its vibrant hues.

NF1 Aroma and Flavor Profile

NF1 is sweet and woody with a hint of pineapple and a strong aroma of floral and a dash of pine. Linalool and phellandrene are two of the most dominant terpenes, which explains the telltale sweetness and the floral aromatics. Not as skunky as Chemdawg, the strain picks up a bit more of the flavor and aromatics of the Northern Lights parent with a trademark earthy quality combined with sweetness.

NF1 Is Best for …

  • The creative who is ready to tackle a new project
  • Someone looking for an energy-inducing strain to get the day off to a good start
  • Well-experienced cannabis users that can handle the higher THC content
  • The user looking for a longer-lasting high with a nice relaxing comedown

Discover the NF1 Strain for Yourself

If you have always appreciated the highly potent aspects of Chemdawg and the energetic high of Northern Lights, you will truly be missing out if you don’t experience their lovechild NF1. This strain is a good all-around lifter that works wonders on a draggy day when you need to step away from stress and keep moving forward. Secure your order of NF1 flower by visiting our online menu at Silver Therapeutics. Check out our blog to get a closer look at cannabis strains and which strains you may prefer.

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