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When it comes to cannabis concentrates, the consistency of the product is usually closely related to the name of the product. Case in point, crumble. Crumble is, well, crumbly, but it is also versatile, potent, and flavorful. What is crumble? Here’s a quick intro to make you more familiar with this interesting cannabis concentrate.

So, what is crumble exactly?

Also sometimes referred to as honeycomb wax, crumble wax, or even crumbles, cannabis crumble is a cannabis concentrate that has a more malleable texture than a lot of other concentrates. In other words, the texture is kind of fragmented and dry, so you can actually crumble the concentrate with your fingers.

You can usually point out crumble when it’s lined up alongside other concentrates purely because of its unique texture and appearance. The concentrate is light yellow to amber in color and looks a bit like sugary crumbs. Some crumble products will actually have an almost honeycomb texture, but that texture changes to crumbs when slightly handled.

How is Crumble Made?

Crumble is made with a combination of freezing temperatures and solvent-based extraction. Basically, the cured flower buds are flash-frozen at an extremely cold temperature and then transitioned immediately into a solvent. This separates the plant material from the cannabinoids and terpenes. Finally, a combination of heat and/or pressure may be used to force the solvent to vaporize in a process often referred to as purging. What’s left behind is the crude crumble.

How to Use Crumble?

Crumble is exceptionally versatile. It’s potent enough to be used for dabbing, but it also works out a lot better than something like badder or budder for smoking. Therefore, it can be sprinkled on top of dry flower in a pipe or bong or rolled up with flower in a joint without interfering with the quality of the smoke. This is because the crumble is dryer, less dense, and burns more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions surrounding Crumble

Does crumble smell?

Crumble is made in a way that retains the quality of the terpenes in the extract. The final purging process involves using low levels of heat and pressure over an extended period of time to gently vaporize the solvent. Therefore, the end product still contains those fragrant terpenes. For this reason, crumble can have a profound smell and flavor quality a lot like live resin and the smell can depend on the initial strain.

How much crumble do I use?

Crumble is just as potent as other cannabis concentrates, as much as 90 percent or more. Therefore, you truly do not need a lot of crumble to experience the effects. If you are new to dabbing or concentrates, start with a few tiny pieces, see how that affects you, and adjust as needed.

What’s the difference between crumble and wax?

Cannabis wax has more of a waxy consistency, but due to the way it is processed, it usually does not have the same aromatic qualities and can sometimes have lower cannabinoid potency levels. By contrast, wax is smoother and can be a little easier to work with for some.

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