The Best Edibles in Massachusetts

All about good weed edibles in Massachusetts? Thanks to the creative minds of some of the best edibles brands, you have access to everything from gummies and chocolate to drinks and sprays laced with THC. No matter what you’re craving in terms of experience and flavor, you can find a brand to accommodate your preferences at your local dispensary.

Sometimes, there are so many awesome choices, picking just one is a difficult endeavor. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork to help you decide. Check out the best edibles in Massachusetts.

Top 10 of the Best Edibles in Massachusetts

1. Incredibles Edibles

When it comes to high THC edibles Massachusetts dispensary customers request the most, Incredibles Edibles are hands-down a top pick. Incredibles brings a unique mix of edibles to the table, including chocolate bars and gummies. The Mile High Mint Chocolate Bar is a fan fave, but Watermelon Smash gummies are just as popular. Either way, you get an impressive 10mg of THC per serving and loads of flavor. If you want to try something a little more out-of-the-box from Incredibles, look for a Peanut Budda Buddha or Snoozeberry Chocolate Bar.

2. Halo Spray

One of the latest additions to the cannabis edibles lineup, fast-acting sprays deliver a quick shot of THC. Halo Spray is one of the forerunning brands with THC sprays, and it’s easy to see why that is the case. Each spray is formulated for a unique experience. For example, Halo Golden Spray delivers 5mg of THC and 5 mg CBD per spray, along with adaptogenic chlorophyll for mind/body balance as needed. Likewise, Halo Twinkle Spray is the go-to choice at bedtime when you’re ready to shut down and get some sleep.

3. Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Mr. Moxey’s Mints are the perfect go-to edibles for quick-and-easy cannabinoid doing. Depending on the mint you choose, you get a unique experience. Mr. Moxey’s are available in Energizing Peppermint, Balance Peppermint with 1:1 CBD and THC, and Cinnamon Relax. No matter which mint you choose, the product is made in small batches and using botanical ingredients like hops and linden blossoms to highlight the experience.

4. Ocean Breeze Cultivators Chocolate

Ocean Breeze Cultivators is quickly becoming a customer favorite when it comes to the best edibles brands in Massachusetts. The brand offers everything from lozenges to gummies, but the brand’s THC-infused chocolates are out of this world. Take your pick between a White Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Dive Bar, a Cranberry Walnut Dive Bar, or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Either way, you’re in for a treat in terms of flavor and experience.

5. Kiva Camino Gummies

When it comes to top-rated THC gummies in MA, you can’t make a list without mentioning Kiva Camino gummies. Kiva actually offers several different gummy collections, but Camino is a top choice among customers. With amazing flavors like Orchard Peach, Sparkling Pear, and Midnight Blueberry, Camino cannabis-infused gummies are undeniably delicious. However, Kiva takes things a step further with unique cannabinoid collaborations and edibles formulated for certain experiences like Bliss, Game-On, Chills & Thrills, and Sleep.

6. 1906 Drops

1906 showed up on the MA edibles scene a few years ago, and the brand’s popularity has been on an uphill swing since. 1906 specializes in 1906 Drops, which are tiny cannabis-infused pills that are perfect for microdosing. The drops are formulated with different botanical ingredients and cannabinoids to support unique user experiences. For example, Love Drops are all about arousal with a balance of CBD and THC, as well as herbal ingredients with aphrodisiac properties. Other options from 1906 include Chill Drops, Midnight Drops, Genius Drops, and Go Drops, to name a few.

7. Mindy’s Artisan Edibles

Mindy’s Artisan Edibles is a brand born from the passion of an actual chef. What do you get when a culinary artisan steps into the edibles business? You get hard to pass up gummies that taste like black cherries wrapped in cabernet or candied clementines. Each gummy is an absolute treat for your tastebuds, but also delivers a nice dose of cannabinoids. Look for Cool Keylime Kiwi, Glazed Clementine Orange, and Lush Black Cherry 1:1 gummies from Mindy’s Artisan Edibles.

8. I Am Edible

I Am Edible is another newcomer to the MA edibles collection, but is bound to stick around with its infused provisions. The brand offers both chocolate bars and fruit chews. The fruit chews from I Am Edible are infused with cannabis distillate, which means all you really taste is the amazing fruity flavors like Blackberry and Peach Mango. The chocolate bars from I Am Edible are just as delicious, with flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Mint Cookies N Cream, and Espresso Haze.

9. Wicked GO

If you’re looking for gummies with a bit more sustenance, look for fruit chews from brand names like Wicked GO. Wicked GO fruit chews are made by Sira Naturals—a brand well-known for its highly favored edibles. Each large, square fruit chew delivers 5mg of THC and loads of intense flavor. Sour Strawberry is a top pick, but other flavors can be just as tempting.

10. Treeworks

Treeworks Hummies gummies are bound to make the list of the top edibles in Massachusetts. These gummies are made with hash rosin, which makes them unique because many other brands use basic extracts. There is nothing basic about Treeworks, however. These edibles actually won an award from High Times for their flavors and effects. With product options like Anytime Punch and Focus Citrus, each gummy is either Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid and delivers a unique experience.

Find the Best Edible Brands Massachusetts Has to Offer at Silver Therapeutics

Whether you’re on a search for the strongest edibles Massachusetts has available or the best brands around, you can count on Silver Therapeutics to give you an impressive selection. We hand-pick edibles to include in our menu based on customer preference and brand reputation. Ready to find your next favorite edible? Be sure to check out our online menu and order ahead for convenient pickup.

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