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Meet the Team – Leah Tatro

We sat down with Leah Tatro, a member of our production team, to learn a little bit more about her and to hear what she has to say about cannabis!

“After advocating for a long period of my young adulthood about the many benefits that cannabis has, I knew it was something I needed to be more apart of…”

Meet Leah – Age 26

Leah Tatro headshotLeah is a 26 year old member of our production team. She is originally from North Adams, MA

What are your other hobbies or jobs outside of Silver?

I enjoy continuing to learn herbal medicine and I am also a Personal Care Assistant for a loved one for another job.

Why cannabis? How did cannabis become introduced in your life?

After advocating for a long period of my young adulthood about the many benefits that cannabis has, I knew it was something I needed to be more apart of. It was something that had always helped me with anxiety and depression and I wanted to be able to share the knowledge and the positive experiences and relationship I have had with cannabis.

It was actually my dream to be apart of the industry, but my passion for cannabis was before legality had hit Massachusetts. Instead of a traditional college, I had taken an herbal medicine apprenticeship to learn more about native plants to the area that had health benefits, in hopes that cannabis would be one of them to learn about too, or maybe having the course under my belt it would maybe help me be able to find a career in the (at the time) just starting industry.

What are some of your favorite products from Silver Therapeutics?

I am a flower girl! I love our pre rolled joints for convenience and a perfect smoke but I love the ritual of picking a bud from an 1/8, grinding up and packing a bowl.

Are there any particular cannabis products or strains that you have a preference for?

I have been really enjoying strains like French King, Gelato and Killer Queen from Rythm, Peach Pie and Bubble Mint Chem from Insa, Sugar Plum Sunset and Humble Pie by Cresco; those have been go to picks for me! I have been discovering my love for hybrid strains for being able to relax but also still having energy. I do also love concentrates for taking dabs.

Sometimes to help with sleep or to have immediate results I like to have a stash of some full indica concentrates, Brownie Scout live sugar by Rythm and Chaos Kush #3 crumble by Strane are perfect nighttime dabs!

What activities do you like to do during or after consuming cannabis?

I love kayaking, hiking, fishing, video games, music, getting tattoos and taking photos for activities while enjoying cannabis. But there is nothing better than being out on a pond or lake on my kayak with a couple joints and just enjoying the plants and the sounds of nature around me.


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