Meet the Team – Amber Parker

Meet The Team

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We sat down to chat with Amber Parker, Assistant Manager at Silver Therapeutics in Orange, MA, to learn a little bit more about her and to hear her thoughts on cannabis!

Meet Amber – Age 24

Amber is originally from Athol, MA. Athol is just West of Orange, & South of New Hampshire.

So Amber, what do you do at Silver Therapeutics?

I am the assistant manager in the Orange store.

Why cannabis? How did cannabis become introduced in your life?

Cannabis was introduced to me by my family as a teen. I had horrible insomnia and nothing seemed to help. The doctors kept giving me mediations that my body would get used to so quickly that I gave cannabis a try. I realized after a couple of times that it was helping with my stomach issues as well and have been smoking ever since. Now I use it for that but also to unwind or to lessen my anxiety. Cannabis is amazing!

What are your other hobbies or job outside of Silver?

Outside of work I like to take pictures of nature or my cat. I just got a kitten so hanging out with him has been my favorite thing to do lately.

What are some of your favorite products from Silver Therapeutics? Are there any particular cannabis products or marijuana strains that you have a preference for

Some of my favorite products are the 1906 genius drops, Skywalker in concentrate or flower, and any Blueberry flower. I’m a bigger fan of indica strains and one that I get each time we have it is Motorbreath #15. I love how relaxed I get from the indicas because I am always on the move or doing something.

What activities do you like to do during or after consuming cannabis?

Activities that I like to do after smoking are playing the Nintendo Switch or playing games with friends. I also love baking after getting myself baked. In the warmer weather I like to go looking for rocks.

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