Dry January 2024 – Swapping Alcohol for Cannabis

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With 2024 and the New Year ahead, two things tend to come up: Dry January and making meaningful New Year resolutions. Dry January is all about taking a break from alcohol or simply practicing more mindful drinking habits for 31 days, but this is also the perfect time to explore cannabis a bit further, possibly even by making a few new resolutions.

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How to Do Dry January

Dry January usually involves giving up alcohol for a full month to reap the positive benefits of doing so. As simple as it sounds, giving up alcohol for an entire month can be a challenge, especially if you spend a lot of time at social functions or tend to have alcohol in the house. However, making it through can mean both physical and emotional benefits. A few good tips that can help you pull through the month with no alcohol include:

  • Remove any alcohol from the house in advance
  • Enlist a few friend to go dry with you for the month for accountability
  • Plan ahead for social functions when alcohol is likely to be involved
  • Consider alternatives, such as THC-infused drinks, when alcohol would normally be involved

2024 Weed Resolutions

You may be gearing up to make it through Dry January, but now is also the perfect time to start thinking about your 2024 resolutions. And, of course, we’ve got some of the best recommendations when it comes to resolutions associated with cannabis. Take a look at a few weed resolutions we love below.

1. Smoke More Weed

How about swapping the alcohol in January for weed instead? In fact, resolving to smoke more weed may be an awesome idea, especially if you’ve been wanting to broaden your horizons and try some new strains and experiences.

2. Try Topicals for Therapeutic Support

Topical cannabis products can open up an entirely different world when it comes to the therapeutic value of weed. If you’ve never tried topical cannabis products from brands like Wellness Connection in Maine and Treeworks in Massachusetts, make 2024 the year!

Wellness Connection Classic 1:1 Salve Topical

3. Experience Cannabis in New Ways

If you’ve always been a smoker, maybe you want to try concentrates for the first time, pick up a good disposable vape, or try a refreshing  THC-infused drink made from Squier’s Specialty Elixirs in Maine to see how that changes things. There are so many amazing ways to enjoy cannabis, and every consumption method can deliver a unique experience.

Squier's Specialty Edibles Elixir

4. Learn More About Weed

With weed, the more you know, the more you can tailor experiences to your personal preferences. Maybe you’ve yet to learn the difference between resin and rosin, how to choose the best THC gummies, or you just want to know more about THC and terpenes. Resolve to learn more about cannabis and 2024, and you may find there is far more about your favorite plant to appreciate.

5. Get Creative with Weed

How about opening your mind to new experiences with cannabis for the new year ahead? This could mean planning to watch your favorite horror flicks stoned for the first time (highly recommended, by the way!) or even trying your hand at some creative endeavor with the help of a new strain.

Kick Off the New Year with the Best Weed Around

Looking to start your new year off with the best cannabis and cannabis products to help you through Dry January? Be sure to find a Silver Therapeutics dispensary near you in Massachusetts, Maine, or Vermont.

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