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How to Conserve Weed: Ways to Make Weed Last Longer

So, no, we’re not expecting a weed shortage anytime soon. No need to panic, but, if a bad situation ever does happen—on a grander scale and you don’t have access or just personally and you can’t get to a dispensary, you’ll want to know how to save on weed and be conservative with what you have. Plus, it’s always a good idea to make the most of what you have. Here are a few ideas on how to be conservative with weed.

How to Make Weed Last Longer

Once you learn how to be conservative with weed, you may find that you can get just as good of experience without using up so much of your stash and you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Here’s how to conserve weed and still get high.

Use a pipe or a bong

The fact is, you will use more weed to smoke a blunt or a joint than you will in a pipe or a bong. Joints are not efficient because it keeps burning even when you’re not smoking. So, one simple way to be more conservative with what you have is to simply switch to using a pipe, bong or bubbler. Pipes and bongs burn hotter, so you get more of a hit with a small amount of burn.

Protect the quality of your stash

The better preserved your cannabis is in storage, the fewer cannabinoids you’ll lose. Cured weed stays shelf-stable for a long time, but the more it is exposed to sunlight, humidity changes, and temperature fluctuations, the more the cannabinoids and terpenes degrade. In turn, you’ll have to smoke more just to get the same high you could’ve gotten with far less weed if your stash is old. A few tips:

  • Keep your weed in a cool place or around 70 degrees
  • Store your weed in the dark
  • House the weed in an airtight gas jar

Mix weed with CBD or CBG flower

If you enjoy the smoking experience but don’t want to use up all of your weed, you can cut standard cannabis with CBD flower. This works out really well, especially if you’re looking for a more therapeutic experience.

Go for quality over quantity

If you’ve got premium weed, you don’t have to smoke as much to get the effects. So, what you buy will last you a lot longer. Even if you are paying a bit more per ounce or gram, the quality of the smoke offsets the cost.

Best Ways to Smoke a Small Amount of Weed and Still Get High

Anyone who enjoys weed and enjoys it regularly has been there—you’re running low and simply can’t get more. It’s not a good feeling, whether you don’t have the funds for a restock, the dispensary is closed, or you can’t make the trip to get more. So, how do you use less weed when you do smoke? Here are a few ideas.

Watch your burn technique in a bong, bowl, or pipe

A lot of people fill up, and then torch the entire bowl of weed to ignite it. This burns more weed at once. Instead, focus on lighting just certain spots in the bowl with every hit.

Try a one-hitter (dugout)

A one-hitter only allows you to pack in a little weed, so you can’t really take a lot of hits. While you’ll undoubtedly get more than one toke, this is a good way to monitor what you’re using.

Use a vaporizer

Vaping cannabis may give you more profound effects with less weed. So, if you really want to be conservative with weed, it may be worth investing in a dry vaporizer. Vaporizers also allow you to reuse your AVB.

Roll thinner joints and blunts

If you’ve only got rolling papers or a blunt wrap, roll a thinner spinner or thin blunt instead of a fatty. You can also make use of small amounts of weed by adding a longer filter or crutch to a wrap. By the way, using a crutch also prevents wastage once you get down to the tip.

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