Bubblers vs. Bongs: The Key Differences

When it comes to smoking cannabis, you have all kinds of nifty contraptions you can use that go far beyond the standard rolling paper or pipe. Most people are well aware of what a bong is, but what about a bubbler? What’s the difference between a bong and a bubbler, and which one should you use? To make things even more confusing, these two smoking devices can look a lot alike to the untrained eye. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a bubbler?

A bubbler is somewhere between a bong and a pipe but functions more like a dry pipe. The bubbler is made up of a bowl, a mouthpiece, and possibly a carb, but not always. The downstem on a bubbler is fixed—you can’t take it off for cleaning. The standard bubbler is the “Sherlock” style, which has a shape akin to a standard pipe. However, some of the more modern pieces are more complex.

Benefits of a Bubbler

  • Smoother than a dry pipe
  • Still filters the smoke through water (like a bong)
  • Easy to handle because of their size
  • Durable build and good for transport
  • An all-in-one design gives you all you need to use
  • Quieter hit than a bong because of smaller size and less water

Downfalls of a Bubbler

  • Harder to clean because the unit doesn’t disassemble
  • Bubblers can’t really be customized like bongs
  • Water should be changed more frequently
  • Smaller stature means the bubbler gets dirty faster
  • A smaller bowl means shorter smoking time

What is a bong?

A bong is a considerable step-up from a bubbler—the bong is more complex, has more parts, and gives you bigger hits and longer smoke time. The typical bong consists of a chamber to hold water, a mouthpiece, and a bowl that separates and has a downstem. You can find variations of this design and all kinds of accessories to play around with, but the standard setup remains the same.

Benefits of a Bong

  • Delivers bigger hits than a bubbler
  • Allows you to smoke longer because of a larger bowl
  • Great for people with a higher tolerance
  • Easier to clean; disassembles for the purpose
  • Customizable with different bowls, added percolators, and other accessories
  • Many size and shape options

Downfalls of a Bong

  • Not all bongs are made of the same, high-quality glass
  • Difficult to transport and store
  • Is noisier to use than a bubbler and not very inconspicuous
  • Can be hard to hold in use
  • Can require more weed to use

Bubbler vs Bong: Final Thoughts

So essentially, bubblers and bongs are used for the same purpose, and they pretty much function exactly the same. You place your bud in the bowl, your water in the chamber, fire up, and inhale. Nevertheless, the two weed-smoking devices do have their own unique attributes. Bubblers can be good in a pinch or on the go, bongs not so much. Bongs are good for well-experienced smokers with bigger needs, bubblers not so much.

With the bubbler vs bong discussion out of the way, there is one thing you will need for either one: good cannabis. Be sure to take a look at our menu at Silver Therapeutics to find just the right flower for your bubbler, bong, pipe, blunt, whichever. We’ve definitely got you covered!

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