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Dispensary Near Quincy, MA

Quincy is about 25 mins away from our Boston dispensary via Adams St & Brook Rd.

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Why Visit our Dispensary from Quincy, MA?

Need a good dispensary near Quincy, MA? Silver Therapeutics Boston is less than 10 miles away—that’s just over a 20 minute-drive to top-shelf cannabis.

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Looking for the Best Dispensary Near Quincy, MA?

Don’t have Quincy dispensaries that offer what you need? Residents of Quincy don’t have far to go to enjoy a massive collection of cannabis and cannabis products. Our Boston dispensary & City Farm is located at 721 American Legion Highway in Roslindale, just past the US Army Reserve and right across from McDonald’s.

Silver Therapeutics is the first establishment in the area to obtain a CCC license to grow, concurrently process, and then offer our own products for sale to medical and recreational cannabis customers. Our dispensary in Roslindale offers unique strains and products we have a hand in bringing to life. Therefore, we really can offer a lot of insight about many of the products we have available.

With five dispensaries across Maine and Massachusetts, we’ve grown to be a trusted name in cannabis for the people in the communities we serve. We support the local cannabis industry, work directly with other local growers and product producers, and do our part to be the location surrounding communities can count on.


At Silver, we’re just as passionate about cannabis education as we are providing products to customers. Therefore, our full operation is built around the idea that a well-educated cannabis customer is also a satisfied customer. Our blog is filled with insightful guides and information, such as how to roll a joint, how to help out a friend when they get too high, and more. In addition, every one of our locations is overseen by Budtenders ready and waiting to answer your questions about specific strains, how to use products, and what accessories you need.

Customer Service

Because we are a locally owned Quincy MA dispensary, we retain control over how we do things. From the products we choose to include in our inventory to how much time we spend with customers, everything we do is customer-focused. We’re serious about no shortages with flower. We make our customers feel secure when they visit. We’re happy to help you find certain products and strains, explain the difference between concentrates and tinctures, and make sure you walk away happy with your visit.

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First Time Visiting A Dispensary in Massachusetts?

Quincy dispensary customers deserve access to a wide selection of strains, cannabis-infused edibles for social occasions, and the purest, well-tested extracts and concentrates. So that’s exactly what we strive to provide. Our menu is consistently updated with the most desirable and stringently chosen products. Need something we don’t offer? Let us know what you’re looking for and maybe we can help you find it. Need a pipe, rolling papers, or a dab rig? We likely have those on hand as well.

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