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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Near Gorham, ME

Silver Therapeutics Portland & South Portland are about 25 minutes away from Gorham.

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Gorham, ME 04038 (ADULT-USE) Marijuana Dispensary Customers

Why Visit our Dispensary from Gorham, ME?

Silver Therapeutics has two good options available that are perfectly within reach: in Portland, which is about 12 miles away, and in South Portland, which is roughly eight miles away. We’d be happy to make sure you get quality cannabis at either of our dispensaries.

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Silver Therapeutics

Looking for the Best Dispensary Near Gorham, ME?

You may have access to closer Gorham dispensaries, so why make the trip a few miles further to Silver Therapeutics? We’ve got a few things going for us, but one big reason is that we are locally owned and established with several Maine dispensaries.

We take pride in supporting the local cannabis industry, which means a lot of the products we make available are grown right here in our home state of Maine. Our menu is consistently updated with what locals ask for the most, and we always support the well-being of our local communities. Here are our favorite things to do in Portland.

Top-Shelf Cannabis Selection

From high-quality flower to cannabis vapes and edibles, the inventory we have worked hard to build here at Silver Therapeutics is carefully curated with our customers in mind. If we don’t have a product you are looking for, we make every effort to find it. And, we make sure you are covered with all the accessories you will need for a complete cannabis experience.

Education Focused

Not sure how to conserve your weed? Need to know how to use THC distillate? Not only do we offer extensive guides on the blog on our website, but our budtenders are also well-versed in the world of cannabis, and they are always ready to share their knowledge.

Other Reasons to Visit Silver Therapeutics in Portland or South Portland

Looking to make your dispensary trip more of a day adventure? If you’re planning a trip to the Silver Therapeutics weed shop in either Portland or South Portland, you can definitely find a few extra things to do along the way. Be sure to grab a bite to eat at one of the many amazing restaurants in the area. A few local favorites to check out include Duckfat in Portland, the Scratch Baking Co. in South Portland, and Becky’s Diner not far from our Portland dispensary and planted right on the waterfront.

Looking for some entertainment or sights to see? Check out:

Getting to Our Dispensaries Near Gorham, ME

If you need a way to get to our dispensary and then get around once you are here, there are quite a few options. Feel free to grab an Uber, Lyft, or taxi to get to Portland or South Portland. Once you are in the area, you will also have access to the Greater Portland Transit system, which can connect you to everything from trains and regional bus routes to ferries.

Visit Us in Maine

First Time Visiting A Dispensary in Maine?

At Silver Therapeutics, we know that your shopping experience at a dispensary can set the stage for how much you appreciate your cannabis experience. We work really hard to make your experience everything it should be. Be sure to reach out to us if you have questions, and take a look at our menu online before making the trip to see us.

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