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How Long Does it Take for Edibles to Kick In?

Ready to step into the world of edibles? Good deal—you’re in for a treat, but first, it’s helpful to know that consuming edibles is a far different experience than smoking cannabis. Hopefully, you’ve already read our full guide on cannabis edibles to get you started, so one big question remains to be answered: how long does it take for edibles to hit?

How Long Does it Take for Edibles to Hit?

The amount of time varies largely, depending on the type of product, your body composition, and your THC tolerance. Generally, edibles take anywhere from 15 minutes up to a few hours to kick in. Let’s get a look at a more detailed explanation of what you can expect.

Edibles Have a Longer THC Journey from Consumption to System

If you’ve smoked or vaped cannabis in any form, you already know that the effects hit pretty fast—like within minutes. This happens because when you inhale cannabinoids, they go straight to your lungs and bloodstream. Different than smoking, when you eat edibles, the THC has a long journey to your cannabinoid receptors. The food is broken down in the stomach and then the THC has to make its way through the digestive tract before it actually hits your bloodstream. With this in mind, you can understand why you may eat an edible and have to wait an hour and a half before you notice anything.

Factors Affecting When Edibles Kick In

So, you have a general guideline for when edibles kick in, but so many factors can further define these parameters. Here are a few other factors that can affect how long it takes for you to feel the effects after eating an edible.


Metabolism determines how quickly the human body breaks down whatever it is fed. If you have a slower metabolism, you may see a longer time till the onset. On the contrary, if you have a fast metabolism, you may feel the effects much sooner. A lot of things can affect your metabolism, such as gender, body weight, and even your activity levels for the day.

Empty vs Full Stomach

Naturally, if you consume an edible on an empty stomach, your digestive system doesn’t have as much to process. Therefore, you may feel the effects a lot faster if you consume an edible without eating, which is not recommended. It is far better to eat a bit before you have your edible because eating after can actually intensify the high for some people.


If you take in a substantial amount of THC, you may see the effects settle in a bit faster compared to if you were to eat less. But, an important note, never consume more just because you want the effects to hit faster. This is a surefire way to end up with an overwhelming sensation of being too intoxicated. Here’s a good edible dosing guide to help you pin down the right amount of THC to consume.

Type of Edible Consumed

The type of edible you eat can make a big difference in time to effects for a few reasons. One, different ingredients consumed with THC can break down at different rates or even encourage faster absorption. Two, some edibles like hard candies and lollipops lead to a bit of sublingual absorption, which will translate to faster effects.


Depending on your tolerance to THC, you may feel the effects sooner and more intensely.

A Final Word Cannabis Edibles

When consumed responsibly and within reason, cannabis-infused edibles can serve up a different experience. The effects can be more intense, but they can also be longer-lasting, which works out really well when using cannabis for therapeutic reasons. Check out our menu at Silver Therapeutics to get a peek at what we have available for pickup.

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