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The Best Restaurants in Palmer, MA

There are restaurants in Palmer, MA and then there are the best restaurants in Palmer, MA. Big difference! Visiting Palmer to see relatives, tour the city, or enjoy the best cannabis products in Massachusetts is a great idea. At some point, you’ll want to experience our unique cuisine. Oh, no! So many restaurants to choose from. Don’t worry. We put together a list of the top Palmer, MA restaurants you have to try.

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You can’t go wrong with these restaurants in Palmer, MA. They represent a variety of cuisines to tease your palate and have above 4-star review ratings.

1. Angel’s 1376 Palmer Restaurant

Where? 1376 Main Street, Palmer, MA

Why visit? They use only the freshest of ingredients.

Angel’s 1376 Palmer Restaurant is “Just a great place. Pleasant servers, efficient and friendly,”  said one reviewer. Perhaps you can see what the noise is about. Maybe it has to do with the drool-worthy food they serve up on their breakfast and lunch specials menus. Try their Caprese Chicken & Steak Tip Breakfast Bowl, Fall Fruit & Berries Stuffed French Toast, or Angry Crab & Tuna Melt. They are to die for! Open daily from 6:00 AM. Menus changes daily.

2. Teresa’s Restaurant

Where? 315 Palmer Rd, Ware, MA

Why visit? Delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. Bon Appetito!

Teresa’s Restaurant prides itself on being a “restaurant of fine family dining, Italian Style”. The food spot opened its doors for the first time in 1980. The restaurant is owned and operated by an authentic Italian family with a passion for serving generous food portions at reasonable prices. Italian food lovers can have lunch or dinner or order for takeout. Their menu features appetizers, pizzas, entrees, and desserts. Open daily.

3. Steaming Tender

Where? 28 Depot St, Palmer, MA

Why visit? Enjoy classic American comfort food served on a train.

One of the “best-themed restaurants in Massachusetts” is what Steaming Tender is famously known as–for a reason. The food joint is the old 19th-century Palmer Railroad Station repurposed into one of the best restaurants in Palmer, MA. Make Steaming Tender a must-visit to sample unique cuisine such as Crispy Roman Artichokes or their signature Limoncello Haddock. While you’re there, grab a seasonal craft cocktail. Don’t miss your train stop at the 28 Depot Street station! Open Thursday through Sunday.

4. Russos Lakeside Seafood & SteakHouse

Where? 702 River St, Palmer, MA

Why visit? Fresh surf and turf!

Russos Lakeside Seafood & SteakHouse is the place to go if you have a wide palate. Their daily specials consist of the freshest local and seasonal ingredients possible. The idea is to make every visit a unique experience. The extensive menu showcases foods from appetizers, such as soups and salads, to poultry and pork entrées. If you’re coming for the seafood, you have to try their Fried Clam Strips, Baked or Buttermilk Fried Catfish Filet, and Seafood Trio. Open daily.

Russo's Lakeside Seafood & Steakhouse

5. Girly’s Grill

Where? 1315 Park St, Palmer, MA

Why visit? Traditional home-cooked breakfast and Lunch dishes that are “sure to hit the spot.”

The incredible foods at Girly’s Grill are the result of time-honored recipes, fresh local ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques. They serve an amazing collection of breakfast and lunch meals, appetizers, and sides. Omelets, Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers, Egg Bennies and so much more are waiting to be enjoyed. Just browsing the menu alone will leave you salivating. Open daily except Wednesdays.

6. Tables at the Farm

Where? 3092 Palmer St #181, Palmer, MA

Why visit? “So muchgoes into our food.”

Craving Waffle Sandwiches or Egg Benedicts prepared in a traditional way? What about Beer-Battered Haddock & Crisps or Turkey Avocado Bacon Melts? Never had those? Then Tables at the Farm is the place to try them. The family-owned and operated café serves those and other authentic breakfast and lunch dishes. One of the memorable things about Tables at the Farm is their daily handwritten menus, making it hands down one of the best Palmer, MA restaurants to check out. Open every day from 6 AM – 2 PM.

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