Vaping cannabis with the best 510 carts allows you to consume cannabis in a more discreet, clean manner while still experiencing the same effects. While many brands have stepped onto the cannabis vape cart scene, one, in particular, has truly made a name for itself: Rythm.

Rythm vape carts are relatively new, but our customers here at Silver Therapeutics have really taken a liking to the branded products. We figured it was about time we offered a formal intro to Rythm carts, who the company is, and why they are worthy of a look.

The Rythm Cartridges Brand

Rythm claims to offer plant-to-pure cannabis and cannabis concentrates without any compromise. The company utilizes 100-percent strain-specific terpenes and full-spectrum concentrated oils to create some pretty impressive experiences. The company prides itself on offering vape carts that actually provide the flavor and effect of the plant-based strain.

A Look at the Rythm Carts Available

rythm cart

Rythm has an extensive collection of vape carts, as well as their very own Rythm smoke pen that comes preloaded with a choice of concentrates. The company actually offers a collection of Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and hybrids carts, which makes it pretty easy to find the experience you want and the best cart strains.

A few Rythm carts we’ve had on our menu here, like The Rythm Balance Hybrid – Headband Strain and the Rythm Tangie Cartridge have been bestsellers. A few other options include:

  • Dank Commander Balance – Hybrid
  • Brownie Scout Relax – Indica
  • Nuke ‘Em Heal – High CBD
  • Lemon G13 Energize – Sativa

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What People Have to Say About Rythm Cartridges

We took a look across the internet to find some things Rythm customers had to say about Rythm carts. According to one Rythm cartridge review found on Reddit, Rythm carts are pretty great for:

  • Microdosing or day dosing
  • Finding an excellent selection of strains
  • Getting a choice of many CBD-THC ratios
  • Discreet appearance

A few of our customers here at Silver Therapeutics have also noted that they love how many products and strains that Rythm offers. A lot of vape cart manufacturers only have a handful of options or a few strains to pick from.

What We Like About Rythm Carts and Products

At Silver Therapeutics, we enjoy finding up-and-coming products to share with our customers. And, overall, we’re pretty confident that Rhythm vape carts are worthy of your attention. The company may be relatively new, but they have so far developed a stellar reputation and a good following of regular customers.

We really like that Rythm Carts are not just coming from some fly-by-night manufacturer—this company is legit. So legit, in fact, that they stand behind some of their products with a warranty. With all that said, if you’re looking to try the latest Rythm Pods, Rythm Carts, or flower, check out our menu at Silver Therapeutics.

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