Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best Cannabis Gifts for Dad


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Fathers Day is just around the corner. Have you been trying to find a gift better than last year’s tie or cheeky T-shirt? Well, if dear Pops is a hard one to shop for but is an undying fan of good cannabis, you’re in luck! You can find some of the best cannabis gifts for Dad, and they’re bound to leave him chilled out and with a smile. If you’ve got a father or father figure in your life who needs to know just how much you care this year, we’ve got some awesome weed gifts for Dad to consider.

Offer Dad a Different Kind of Cold One

If Dad has always appreciated a cold one or two at the end of a hard day, he’s bound to be just as eager to try a cannabis-infused cold one. A sippable cannabis buzz in the form of a THC soda or seltzer is an experience every weed-loving Dad deserves for Fathers Day.

In Mass, look for weed drinks from Hi5, Nectar, or CQ. In VT, pick Dad up a six-pack of Ginger Pops from YUT Drinks or a couple of Root Beers from Freedom Flower. If you’re shopping for Dad’s Day weed gifts in Maine, look for Sparkling Lemonade from Pine + Star or Buzzy Sodas.

Give Your Dad the Gift of Self-Care with Cannabis

Does your dad spend a lot of time and energy taking care of everyone else without stopping to take a minute for himself? Give him a gentle reminder that he deserves a little pampering too, with some wellness-focused weed gifts for Dad.

Maybe he needs a good Buddah 2:1 | 3oz Unscented Salve from HighTide in Maine for that old “sports injury”. In VT, pick up a tincture or two from Ceres Collective. In MA, look for products like Serious CBD Muscle Balm from The Pass or an Infused Lotion Bar 1:1 from Beach Grass Topicals.

A Bouquet of Flowers Any Weed-Loving Dad Would Appreciate

Maybe Dad wouldn’t be too impressed if you showed up for Fathers Day with a bundle of daisies. But there’s no doubt he’ll light up if you show up with a bouquet of cured flower from the dispensary.

Check out the picks in Maine to get a bundle of house-grown Silver Therapeutics eighths in strains like Platinum Garlic, Cupcake, or Kiwi. Shopping for Dad in Massachusetts? Grab a few classics like Lemon OG Haze from Root & Bloom or Apple Fritter from Hidden Hemlock. In Vermont, there’s no doubt Pappy will be happy with a quarter of Wedding Cake or Sour Diesel from Island Pond Cannabis.

Sweet Treats with a Little Something… Extra

Dad always got a sweet tooth? If your old man loves sweet treats and weed, offer him a yummy edible, and you’re bound to be the kid of the year! Skip the box of chocolates or giant candy bars and opt for some chocolate that’s far more satisfying.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Buttons from Vermont Cannabis Apothecary are sure to hit the spot. Or, in MA, how about a yummy chocolate bar from Insa in flavors like Coffee & Donuts or Dark Chocolate Sea Salt? In ME, look for a delectable chocolate confection from Glaze or Peanut Butter Peaks from East Coast Cannabis.

Weed Gifts for Dad – Other Honorable Considerations

  • A Silver Therapeutics T-shirt, zip hoodie, or hat from our apparel collection
  • A basket of accessories, such as flavored brollies, hemp wick, or rolling tray
  • A Silver Therapeutics gift card so dad can pick his own weed faves for Fathers Day
  • A new bong or pipe or piece of glass for his collection
  • A dab rig paired with a gram or two of Dad’s favorite cannabis concentrates

Happy Father’s Day from All of Us at Silver Therapeutics

To all the superheroes in our lives who tirelessly guide us and share their corniest jokes, your love and wisdom never go unnoticed. Happy Father’s Day from the entire team at Silver Therapeutics! Stop in for a visit to any Silver Therapeutics dispensary in Massachusetts, Maine, or Vermont to make sure Dad has the best day ever. Explore our dispensary selections in Portland, ME, ME, Berwick, ME, Bennington, VT, Palmer, MA, and Williamstown, MA to find the perfect gifts that Dad will love.

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