What's the Difference between Live Resin and Distillate Carts

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Comparing Carts: Live Resin vs Distillate

Cannabis is a versatile plant and is used to produce many different types of products – including vape carts. Cannabis vape carts are cartridges that come pre-filled with different forms of cannabis oil. There are distillate carts, live resin carts, rosin carts, and more. This wide array of options can make it difficult to choose.

Today we’ll be focusing on a couple specific kinds of cannabis vape cart: live resin vs distillate, and we’ll also be discussing the difference between distillate and full spectrum carts.

Knowledge is key when it comes to selecting a cannabis cartridge that’s going to satisfy your desires. At Silver Therapeutics, we’re committed to spreading knowledge to help you select cannabis products with confidence. By the time you’re finished reading, you should have a deeper understanding of distillate vs live resin carts and be able to make your choice with ease.

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Comparing Carts: Live Resin vs Distillate

First Off, What Is a Cannabis Vape Cart?

A vape cart, also referred to as a cannabis cartridge, is the glass chamber part of a vape pen. The vial is usually pre-filled with half or 1 gram of concentrated cannabis oil. Terpenes, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and sometimes other cannabinoids are the main ingredients present.

The cart type is determined based on which type of oil is preloaded into the glass chamber. Live resin carts, distillate carts, and other full-spectrum carts like rosin or live rosin are typically the different classifying names you will see on the product packaging and online menus. Understanding the difference between these product types is key to choosing the right one for you.

Distillate vs Live Resin Carts

Cannabis concentrates have different consistencies, terpene profiles, and THC content based on their extraction and (in some cases) purification process. The difference between distillate and live resin is:

Live resin

Live resin is a thick, yellowish to white cannabis concentrate extracted from the freshly harvested (not cured or dried) flowers of the cannabis plant. The production process continues by flash-freezing the flowers to protect valuable trichomes, along with their terpenes (flavors and aromas). Cannabinoids are also retained, including THC—the essential ingredient in cannabis carts. THC is a psychoactive substance responsible for creating that high feeling after 1-2 hits. Live resin carts are technically full-spectrum products because they contain all of the constituents found on the freshly harvested cannabis plant.

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Live Resin Carts For Sale at our Portland, ME Location


Distillate is a clear, runny oil or purified cannabis concentrate and is desired by cannabis consumers for its potency. Distillate concentrate is the end result of an extensive distillation and purification process. All of the compounds are stripped from the plant, except for THC and any other cannabinoids that are isolated. The versatile THC oil can be consumed by dabbing, vaping, ingesting through edibles, or applying it on the skin (topicals).

On a quick note, whole-plant or full-spectrum vape cartridges retain all the plant materials and beneficial compounds. These include cannabinoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol (CBD). The compounds and phytochemicals work together to enhance the flavor and therapeutic effects. Scientists describe this as the “entourage effect.”

Since distillate carts only contain THC and none of the other compounds found in cannabis plants, the high you experience may be quite different from that of live resin or other full spectrum products.

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Live Distillate Carts For Sale at our Berwick, ME Location

Live Distillate Carts For Sale at our South Portland, ME Location

Live Distillate Carts For Sale at our Portland, ME Location

What's the Difference between Live Resin and Distillate Carts

What’s the Difference between Live Resin and Distillate Carts?

Live resin and distillate appear to be the most competitive cannabis vape cartridges. Both provide a unique toking experience. However, when it comes to the terpene profile, they’re like apples and oranges.

Extraction process

The main difference is in the method used to extract and process the marijuana flower into a concentrate.

Live Resin Extraction Process

Live resin is created by harvesting and flash-freezing fresh cannabis plants. Then they are extracted using butane or another solvent like ethanol. The cannabis oil that remains is then purged, which is a process that removes any leftover solvent used for extraction.

Distillate Extraction Process

Distillate is created by taking cannabis flower that has been previously dried & cured, and then extracting the flower using a more intensive extraction process that involves refining the oil down to just THC and no other chemical compounds.

Richer smoking experience

Some say vaping live resin makes for a more potent but balanced euphoria. Live resin carts are also much richer in terms of smell and flavor due to the abundance of terpenes and flavonoids.

Consumers don’t get this from distillate carts because the flower juice loses its terpene profile during extraction and purification. The end product is a yellowish runny oil that is almost entirely cannabinoids, with little to no smell or taste unless infused with terpenes after the fact.

Higher potency

While distillate has a much higher cannabinoid percentage, it’s important to refer back to the entourage effect when discussing potency and effects. Live resin may be lower in cannabinoid content by a THC % basis, but it possesses a very high terpene content as well as (typically) a larger mix of other cannabinoids..

Why Do Marijuana Consumers Prefer Live Resin Carts?

Why Do Marijuana Consumers Prefer Live Resin Carts?

If you’re new to vaping weed, you may ask yourself, “Are live resin carts worth it?”

Cannabis producers and connoisseurs alike are enamored with the debate of live resin vs distillate carts. The fact is that sticky, full spectrum, THC-rich live resin is in a league of its own, primarily since it’s created with fresh frozen cannabis.

Live resin typically has a more complex terpene profile. Vaping fanatics are treated to a more enriched experience, given that the flavors, aromas, and cannabinoids are preserved during processing. Once you’ve tried both carts, you may notice a clear difference and might even prefer one over the other.

Where to Buy Live Resin Vape Carts in Massachusetts

Whether you prefer distillate carts or live resin carts is really a personal choice. We invite you to take a look at the extensive line of vape pens and cartridges offered at any of Silver Therapeutics  five dispensary locations.

Our dispensary menus feature sativa, indica dominant, as well as hybrid carts from major brands, such as Honey, Coast Cannabis Co., Nature’s Heritage, and much more. You’re welcome to visit our dispensaries for premium quality flower strains, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and more! We’re known for our high-quality cannabis, friendly staff, and exceptional customer service. Pre-order for pickup available!

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