5 Snoopy Balloons From The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade To Make Your Day


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Our Favorite duo, Snoopy and Woodstock, return to the turkey day parade for the  50th time this year according to Macy’s website. This year, on the US Thanksgiving Day November 23, 2023  an all-new Snoopy float will debut – Beagle Scout Snoopy!

The lovable beagle from Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz first debuted in the parade in 1968 and holds the records for most  appearances and balloon versions.

To celebrate Snoopy’s new digs and our favorite tradition (taking a nicely rolled joint on a brisk morning walk and then watching the parade) we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Snoopy parade floats.

1. The First Flying Ace Snoopy: 1968-1982

The original Snoopy balloon took two years to design and build before it debuted in the 1968 Parade.  Measuring 50 feet tall and filled with 8,500 cubic feet of helium, it was designed by Goodyear engineer William Ludwick of Akron, Ohio.

2.Classic Snoopy and Woodstock on Head: 2013-2015

Is there anything sweeter than Snoopy with outstretched arms as best friend, Woodstock, sits perched atop his head, steering his ears as he sours through the streets of New York City?

3.Skater Snoopy: 1987

Did you know Skater Snoopy is one of the ten post-Goodyear balloons to have appeared only once in the Parade? The other nine including Humpty Dumpty (1986), Goofy (1992), Rex (1993), Dudley the Dragon (1995), Bumpé (1997), Babe (1998), Bandleader Mickey (2000), Curious George (2001) and Green Eggs and Ham (2019).

4.Beagle Scout Snoopy: 2023

The newest Snoopy balloon will make it’s official debut during this years parade airing live at 8:30 am EST on NBC.

5.Millennium Snoopy: 1999-2001

Ringing in the year 2000 with a party hat and noisemaker? We love it.

The dedication and time towards the first Snoopy balloon obviously paid off because it’s been a fan favorite ever since. We’re excited to watch our favorite characters parade down Manhattan (from the comfort of our couch of course.)

On behalf of all the friendly flower folks at Silver Therapeutics, we wish you a cozy and healthy holiday season. Light one up, sit back, and enjoy the parade!

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