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1906 Drops use subtle doses of specially chosen ratios of THC and CBD alongside herbal remedies to quickly and effectively improve your day (or night).

What Are 1906 Drops?

1906 Drops are a set of six different formulations, each with a specific desired effect. The drops use low doses of THC; most formulations have just 5mg per drop.

Along with THC, these pills contain CBD and added adaptogens (medicinal herbs). They are specially formulated to take effect in 20 minutes or less, making them among the fastest-acting edibles available today.

These cannabis pills come in discreet packaging that fits right in your pocket. Each container is color-coded, as are the drops inside, so you can tell at a glance which one you’re reaching for.

1906 Drops are dairy, sugar, and gluten-free. Each zero-calorie drop is pharma grade, safe, and effective.

Buy 1906 Drops in MA

1906 Drops are available for purchase in Massachusetts under the state’s adult-use recreational laws. Simply visit the dispensary and choose the drops that you want.

Buy 1906 Drops in MA

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are herbs that have been found to have beneficial properties. Kanna, which is found in the 1906 Bliss Drops, is a South African herb that has been used for centuries to ease anxiety and elevate mood. Siberian botanical Rhodiola increases focus and reduces stress, making it a highly effective ingredient in 1906 Genius Drops.

How to Use 1906 New Highs

Simply take one CBD:THC pill and swallow with water. You should feel the effects in about 20 minutes. Do not chew the drops; they are designed to be swallowed whole like any other pill. Some people find that they have stronger effects if they take the drops on an empty stomach. Other people prefer to take them with food.

How to Pick the Right 1906 Drops for You

There a 6 different formulations of 1906 new highs. Between them, there are drops for every mood.

Go Drops

Go drops combine equal doses of THC and CBD with caffeine and a trio of plant medicines designed to increase energy and get you going.

Chill Drops

Chill drops blend 5mg THC with 25mg CBD to help you relax and unwind. A more mellow high.

Genius Drops

Genius drops the low 2.5mg THC and CBD doses are blended with caffeine and herbs to boost your cognitive performance.

Bliss Drops

Bliss drops combines four plants with cannabis to induce a happy and extroverted state.

Love Drops

Love drops use noted aphrodisiacs and cannabis to get you in the mood.

Midnight Drops

Midnight drops combine THC, CBD, and rest-inducing herbs to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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