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Strains Similar To Blue Dream For Sale

Looking for a weed strain with a similar feeling, flavor, and overall likeness to Blue Dream? With blue dream being such a sought after cannabis strain, it’s often hard to find. Not to fear! This page will tell you everything you need to know about blue dream so that if it’s not available for sale at your local dispensary, you can be armed with the info necessary to pick something up that’s relatively similar.

What Strain Is Blue Dream

We see this question asked often. People who are newer to cannabis will often ask this without knowing that Blue Dream IS the strain name. Usually after one or two clarifying questions we realize they just wanted to know whether Blue Dream is predominantly an Indica or Sativa.

Is Blue Dream Indica or Sativa?

This is a bit of a trick question, because you can find versions of blue dream cannabis that are more sativa-dominant and you can also find more indica-dominant strains.
So how do you know? All you have to do is ask! Typically your bud tender will know where the flower came from and they can tell you more about the genealogy of the specific buds for sale at the shop.

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What Did You Like About Your Blue Dream Experience?

Answering this question for yourself will help you decipher what type of cannabis will best suit your needs. If, that one time that you smoked some blue dream, you like the way it mellowed you out and allowed you to take a blissful nap – you probably had an indica-dominant strain of blue dream.
If you remember being productive and having some thought-provoking conversations the last time you used blue dream, then it’s likely you had a strain that was more sativa-dominant.

Find What’s Right For You

With this in mind, check out our Williamstown dispensary menu below and read through some of the descriptions of the flowers we have for sale. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or you can always shoot us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at (413) 458-6244. Happy strain hunting!

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