Image of Storm Shelter

Ocean Breeze

Storm Shelter

THC: 23.2% TAC: 24.76% Hybrid

Slurricane X Cement

This explosive combination of Slurricane and Cement Shoes was the perfect hybrid selection. The onslaught of relaxation and uplifting grape and sugary berry flavors quickly brought the Captain steady relief while waiting in the shallow protected cove. All was calm and the legacy of our Captain and his crew would live on for more strains, storms and stories.

Storm Shelter offers a frosty, colorful, and potent craft bud loaded with outstanding fruity aromas and personality. We drooled over this one as it grew and look forward to future harvests of this high testing, Indica leaning hybrid. Perfect choice to ease the stress of a long day, calm social anxiety or handle life’s scariest situations.


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed