Image of Pink Legacy Blunt

El Blunto

Pink Legacy Blunt

THC: 29.3% TAC: 38.79% Hybrid

El Blunto – The World’s Finest Cannabis Cigar

Infused with premium cannabis diamonds ——-

Contains 2g of diamond infused (.25 grams / 14.5% diamonds) full flower nugs, broken down by hand, wrapped in 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp, and packaged in a re-sealable glass tube.

– 2 grams of top shelf cannabis infused with brilliant THCa, terpene rich cannabis diamonds

– 14.5% cannabis diamonds by volume

– Full flower nugs, broken down by hand

– Custom glass filter tip

– 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap

– Re-sealable glass tube

– Cured for 72-hours

El Blunto is an Albert Einstone’s Brand


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed