Image of Mimosa | 1g Blunt

Silver Therapeutics

Mimosa | 1g Blunt

THC: 20.1% Sativa

Clementine X Purple punch 2.0 (30%indica/70%sativa)

Mimosa is the perfect daytime medicine, a high strength sativa which will have you bubbling with energy & joy while increasing your creativity levels and relieving you of any stresses, anxieties or physical pains you may be feeling. She earns her name Mimosa from the famed champagne and orange juice cocktail due to her citric aroma and her earthy and sour orange tangy flavors. You’ll also experience sweet and fruity citrus notes with a delicate berry taste on the exhale. Mimosa produces bright green buds with purple hues passed down from her Purple Punch parentage. A heavy frosting of THC glazes over her buds saturated in clear bright white trichomes with deep Orange hairs. It’s a kickstart to the day you are looking for, Mimosa has arrived.


  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Inspired