Image of Melon Baller | .5g Live Oil Cartridge

Happy Valley

Melon Baller | .5g Live Oil Cartridge

THC: 84.67% CBD: 0.1% Indica

Melon Baller is a real bell ringer, with a funky smell that translates well to a smooth smoke. Large, colorful, round flowers with notes of gas, skunk, pine, and a floral background that is sure to deliver a unique experience

Happy Valley’s Live Vape Oil amplifies the vape experience by utilizing a broad spectrum of cannabis- derived live terpenes, capturing the plant’s essence at the peak of maturity and after its flower has been cured. This curates an unparalleled vape experience, for which the flavor and effect are truly representative of the plant they are derived from.


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy