Image of Mellow Mood Tincture | 150mg THC | 75mg CBN


Mellow Mood Tincture | 150mg THC | 75mg CBN

THC: 150% Thc

Serving Size: 1 dropper (1mL) | 5mg THC | 2.5mg CBN

Bottle Size: 30 mL | 150mg THC total | 75 mg CBN

Ingredients: MCT Oil, THC distillate, CBN isolate, Terpenes.

This Mellow Mood Tincture by Vermontourage is designed around sleep and evening use. This tincture combines the synergistic effects of THC and CBN into a potent sleep formula.

Recommended Use: 60 to 90 minutes prior to bed.

A tincture is a mixture of an herbal extract and a liquid (usually alcohol or MCT oil) that is administered orally or sublingually via a dropper. Tinctures are generally high in potency and are intended to give consumers a sugar-free, gluten-free, inhalation-free cannabis experience.


  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy