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Florida Kush | 7g Shake

THC: 24.56% TAC: 25.45% Indica hybrid

Discover the Florida Kush strain, a compelling marijuana flower that embodies the vibrant spirit of the Sunshine State. Merging with the LA Kush strain, it delivers an exhilarating, euphoric high. The LA Kush Cake strain lends its rich, earthy undertones, while the legendary Triangle Kush strain adds a touch of Florida heritage, creating a full-bodied flavor profile. The Florida Kush’s potent effects strike a harmonious balance between mental invigoration and physical relaxation. With its remarkable lineage and robust flavors, the Florida Kush is truly a superstar in the world of cannabis strains.

Top Terpenes

  • BetaMyrcene

  • Limonene

  • Linalool