Can’t decide whether to buy Indica versus Sativa? We can help

The best way to remember the difference between the effects of a good sativa strain versus an indica strain: indica puts you “in da couch.” The main difference between the indica vs sativa high is that indica typically has more of a noticeable effect on your body while sativa tends to live in your mind. In that sense, indica strains are more sedating and sativa strains are more activating or energizing. Thankfully, with thousands of different cultivars out there and the extensive menu at our dispensary, you won’t be forced to choose between feeling sleepy or hyper!

Hybrid Strains Are a Nice Mixture of Indica and Sativa Effects

Hybrid strains, those that contain both indica and sativa, are a fantastic way to experience the upsides to each type. Take the Rosetta Stone flower, for example. Ringing in at $15.00 a gram, this hybrid strain contains a relatively low (13.3% – 13.4%) rate of THC, and a slightly boosted amount of CBD (1.2%). In this range, hybrid flowers are perfect for clients seeking full-body benefits without potentially distracting psychological effects.

Indica Strains May Be More Suitable For Pain Relief

Staff at Silver Therapeutics often recommend indicas over sativas for customers seeking support in pain relief. While both strains might ease aches, indicas like Animal Blues (THC 13.9%) are known to come on sweet and slow, making the adjustment into the high slightly more smooth for those feeling tender with bodily ailments.

Be Careful! Even Sativa Heavy Flowers Can Put You In Da Couch

One of our sativas, Sour Diesel Animal Cookies, is uplifting and extremely fun but also known to induce “couch-lock.” This just goes to show that while the general rule is indica = downer and sativa = upper, the outcomes on any given person will always be slightly different. Plus, as sativa strains carry the mind away on a colorful journey, they don’t necessarily give you more energy.

So, indica vs sativa vs hybrid? The only way forward may be just to try them all! Stop by Silver Therapeutics today!