Eating Edibles vs. Smoking Weed: What’s right for you?

Written by Rachel Karan Eating Edibles vs. Smoking Weed

Which form of consumption is right for you? Smoking vs. Eating.

The most common way to consume cannabis is by smoking it. Vaping, which is very similar to smoking but less harsh on the lungs, is also very popular. However, one for of cannabis consumption that often gets pushed aside is edibles. While smoking or vaping cannabis allows for the high to take place more quickly than edibles, edibles have their own advantages such as longer-lasting effects and fewer negative health implications.

The effects of Cannabis Edibles take longer than Smoking

Smoking weed is the fastest way to feel the effects. Ingesting edibles takes longer because the process of cannabis getting into the bloodstream is much slower compared to smoking or vaping. Edible Cannabis has to travel down through the stomach, and then into the liver before it gets into one’s bloodstream and brain.

The liver plays a large role in your your body reacts to edibles

While in the liver, the THC is converted into a stronger form of THC, which when it finally hits the bloodstream and begins to take effect, the high is much more intense.

This is why you definitely need to be patient when using edibles, as many people will consume more before the initial amount takes effect, and then they get too high. Here’s what to do if you or a friend gets too high on edibles.

The lungs obviously play a larger role in smoking and vaping cannabis

Vaping and smoking cannabis passes the THC from the product directly into the lungs where it immediately passes into the bloodstream, therefore allowing a much quicker high.

The edible high lasts much longer than when you smoke or vape cannabis

When smoking and/or vaping, you feel it within a few seconds to a few minutes. The smoking/vaping high may last for up to six hours, however it is very important to note that the time varies per consumer based on factors like weight and tolerance levels. Edibles take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to take effect.

Weighing the Pros of Taking Edibles.

  • Edibles come in a variety of different forms. This provides choices for those who choose to use edibles. Edibles can come in the form of chocolate bars, fruit gummies, taffies and much much more.
  • Edibles may assist issues with appetite, nausea and pain more effectively.
  • The beneficial effects of the cannabis high last longer when consuming edibles as compared to smoking or vaping.
  • Eating edibles is healthier than smoking when you consider carcinogens and other impacts smoking or vaping may have on the lungs.

Final thoughts: Consider edibles when you need more intense relief

Edibles are a strong contender for those with medical issues that may not be able to partake in smoking or vaping. Some people are just not interested in smoking weed. And that’s fine! It’s not for everyone! Edibles, tinctures, isolated powders, even pills – the ways to safely consume cannabis are multiplying by the day. So if you don’t have a preferred method for consuming cannabis today, you probably will soon.

Luckily, at the end of the day, there are options for everyone – no matter what your personal preferences may be!

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