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Silver Therapeutics Why Choose Our Recreational Dispensary Near Pittsfield, MA?

Residents of Pittsfield, MA searching for a top-notch dispensary should visit Silver Therapeutics for a curated selection of Massachusetts’ finest cannabis products.
Our dispensary is located just a short drive up route US-7 North from Pittsfield, Massachusetts:


Why visit our dispensary near Pittsfield, MA?

Our Williamstown shop is close by and has an excellent selection. Consider making the drive to our dispensary near Pittsfield, where we’re proud to say that we actively support our community by choosing to work with local businesses and cannabis producers.

We’re you’re #1 dispensary for locally-sourced cannabis products, working with companies that are based right here in the state of Massachusetts like Commonwealth Alternative Care, Sira Naturals, and Heirloom Collective Inc., just to name a few.

Working with local cannabis companies ensures that we keep our carbon footprint smaller and allows us to invest back into the community that we are ultimately here to support.

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Have you ever been to a Pittsfield dispensary?

It’s a busy part of the state and you’ll often wait in line. We can’t say the same about our location in Williamstown. We’re nestled in a small rural town in the northwestern section of MA. While it can get busy at times, the town of Pittsfield, MA actually has about 7 times the population of Williamstown! Not to mention the fact that we’re only 30 minutes up the road from Pittsfield, that short drive is definitely worth the chilled-out, laid back experience.

Is this your first time visiting ANY dispensary?

If this is your first dispensary trip, you’ll definitely want to choose Silver Therapeutics. Our shop has a welcoming & friendly yet professional vibe. Whether you have 1 question or 100 – we are here to help! So come prepared for a whatever experience you prefer, whether you want to have a nice long conversation about your cannabis experience or if you prefer a quick, seamless transaction, we can accomodate.

Is it your first dispensary visit?

Here you’ll find diverse selection of buds & more just outside of Pittsfield

Whether you’re looking for a tasty sativa-based strain of flower, or an even tastier THC infused chocolate bar, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Included in our flower selection are potent hybrid strains like Banana Sundae and Zour Apple as well as Indica dominant strains like Blueberry Muffin and Purple punch.

Check out our concentrates for products like our Durban Poson Shatter, Chuck OG Bubble Hash, or try out the Chocole OG Crumble Wax at 84.1% THC. We also have topical products like massage oil and lubricant as well as tinctures

Our Dispensary Near Pittsfield Is COVID Conscious

We always have the safety of you and your loved ones in mind. So please, come prepared with your mask. And if you haven’t been feeling well, please stay home. We know that’s not an option for some people when it comes to cannabis, so if necessary we highly encourage you to use our curbside pickup option.

Questions & contact information

While not every single one of our cannabis products are sourced locally, we certainly strive to do our best to support our community! Need more info? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions, give us a call at (413) 458-6244, or contact us via email at [email protected]

Curbside Pickup Process Explained

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