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Here’s Why You Should Visit Our Dispensary Near Greenfield, MA

Why choose Silver over other Greenfield Dispensaries? Easy. Our selection is the best in the state and our location in Orange is a very quick & easy drive away from Greenfield.

Silver Therapeutics Orange is only 28 minutes East of Greenfield on Route 2:

Why Visit Us From Greenfield?

Silver Therapeutics Orange is located just about 28 minutes East of Greenfield on MA-Route 2. Take a nice scenic drive through Millers Falls and Erving and you’ll find our shop right in the heart of Orange, near the airport. It’s a short drive and you won’t regret it. Our Orange location is fairly new but it’s also VERY well stocked. Our team of budtenders is super friendly and inviting. Feel free to come prepared with a list of questions or just get in, get what you need, and get out. We’ll accommodate you no matter what.

Our menu changes frequently, but we always have high-quality flowers

You can expect a wide range of cannabis products at our dispensary from flower & pre-rolls to concentrates & edibles. Currently, we’re well stocked with a list of hybrid strains, but our budtenders can point you in the right direction if you’re looking for something specific. We’ve got some awesome 1:1 THC:CBD edibles available too, so don’t forget to ask about those!

First time visiting a Greenfield dispensary? Or any dispensary?

Not a problem! We have first-timers come in every day! Our staff of budtenders are super down-to-earth people. We’re ready to answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction so that you can have the best experience possible.

Our dispensary is about ~25 minutes from Greenfield, so don’t forget your ID!

While it’s a quick drive to see us in Orange when you’re coming from Greenfield, it’s just long enough that doing it twice for no reason would be pretty frustrating. So if it is your first time, we recommend checking out this post to make sure you are 100% prepared!

Grab some pizza and beer on your way home!

Honest Weight Artisan Beer is right down the road. It’s a great brewery with some saisons and farmhouse beers on tap and available for takeaway.
You’ll also notice that there’s a pizza place (Pizza Factory) right across the way on Main Street. We’re in a perfect spot to order up some munchies, grab a 6 pack, pop over to the dispensary for some buds, and then head home to Greenfield to enjoy it all!

Why we love Greenfield

We love that our dispensary is so close to Greenfield, MA – some of our employees live there and make the short commute to work most days! It’s a scenic, relaxing drive on 2A.

So, in a way Greenfield feels like a second home. 🙂

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