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Dispensary Near Sanford, ME

Silver Therapeutics Berwick is only 25 min (17.2 mi) South of Berwick via US-202 W & Long Swamp Road.

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Why Visit our Dispensary from Sanford, ME?

It seems quite fitting that the newest city in Maine is so close to one of the state’s newest cannabis dispensaries. Though Sanford has unofficially been around for more than a century, the town officially created its first City Charter in 2013. So if you love new things and/or you love cannabis, come visit our Dispensary in Berwick. Here, adults 21 and up are able to access a variety of locally produced cannabis products.

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The Sanford Area Top Choice

Looking for the Best Dispensary Near Sanford, ME?

We designed Silver Therapeutics to be a welcoming place where people, like those in Sanford, can stop in to see what’s new and shop their favorite THC products. So why us? We have a warm, friendly atmosphere, an extensive menu, and a great team ready to answer any questions about cannabis!

At Silver Therapeutics, we carry a large selection of high-quality cannabis products to suit a wide range of needs. The locally owned company works with our favorite growers from around the state to bring you a nice variety of strains plus plenty of edibles, extracts and more.

A Dispensary

For the Sanford Community

We love how welcoming the Sanford community is for people seeking a small-town feel, outdoor recreation opportunities, beautiful natural scenery, and photogenic old buildings. We’re always glad to greet everyone who comes in, whether you’re new to cannabis or have been partaking for years. We’ll also gladly welcome visitors who may have tried cannabis years ago but are interested in checking things out again now that everything is legal and there are many more options. Trust us, you’ll enjoy it!

If you’re up for a road trip and want to go beyond Berwick, there are also Silver Therapeutics locations in Portland and South Portland. All three of these offer the same commitment to customer service, the same emphasis on quality, and the same mission to help communities around the state achieve their goals of better wellness and better enjoyment of life using cannabis.

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