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I used to go to their location out in Williamstown and was so excited to see they were opening a shop closer to home! The service and selection is always on point and I love that they have weekly sales and deals. It’s always the first place I recommend!

Emily Massa Google Review

Amazing company with the absolute best products. Spoke with Isaac was very informative and helpful with the menu as well as helping provide the best experience possible. 5 stars all around.

Derek Scully Google Review

Excellent selection of products. Super nice people. On and off the highway in minutes, check! This place is going to be famous!

Amy Smedley Google Review


Why Visit our Dispensary from Northampton MA?

Silver Therapeutics is a recreational cannabis dispensary near Northampton, located only 37 min (32.4 mi) South of Northampton MA via I-91 S and  I-90 E. We proudly serve recreational cannabis customers from Northampton, MA and beyond. Get Directions.

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Visiting from Northampton MA? Things to Know

Are You Looking for the Best Northampton MA Dispensary?

Since our inception in 2017, Silver Therapeutics has become one of the premiere dispensary brands in all of Massachusetts. We have multiple locations to serve you, and our friendly staff can help you find the perfect cannabis for your needs.

We offer a wide range of products, including flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and vape cartridges for your convenience. Even if you’re a long-time user, we can help you find new strains and products that may appeal to your tastes. There’s no reason to stick to the same old, same old when you’re at Silver Therapeutics.

Is Weed Legal in Northampton?

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in all of Massachusetts. Customers only need to be 21 and over and possess a valid state-issued ID.

FAQs About Buying From Our Northampton MA Dispensary

Can I smoke or ingest edibles onsite?

Unfortunately, all consumption of cannabis on public property is illegal in Massachusetts. Instead, you have to wait until you get home or find someone with private property that will give you permission.

How much can I buy at once?

The law states that individuals can possess up to one ounce of flower and five grams of concentrate. Our staff will be more than happy to tell you how much you can purchase legally when visiting our store.

Can I take cannabis across state lines?

Unfortunately, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, so you’re not allowed to transport any cannabis products across state lines.

Other Reasons to Visit our Cannabis Dispensary in Palmer, MA

Although we’re not too far from Northampton, Palmer is a quaint little town with a lot to offer. When visiting our dispensary, you may want to check out other local highlights like:

  • Friendly’s – If you have an intense hunger craving, you can satisfy it at Friendly’s. This local chain offers some of the best-tasting burgers and sandwiches in New England, and they’re perfect for when the munchies take over.
  • Yankee Flea Market – Who doesn’t love a good deal? New England flea markets are truly something special, and you can find all kinds of unique offerings at Yankee. Since the inventory changes regularly, you never know what hidden gem you can discover when you visit.

Getting Here From Northampton

  • First, get onto I-91 S and follow the Connecticut River
  • At the interchange, merge onto I-90 E. This is a toll road, but it’s the fastest and most convenient way to get to our dispensary.
  • From I-90, get off at MA-32, and turn left onto Park St.

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Weed Dispensary Near Northampton MA?

Looking for a dispensary near you in Northampton MA ?  Visit us at Silver Therapeutics today!

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Palmer, MA 01069

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