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Dispensary Near Dedham, MA

Silver Therapeutics Boston is just over 16 min (5.7 miles) away from Dedham via American Legion Hwy.

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Looking for the Best Dispensary near Dedham, MA?

Now that cannabis is legal, people have been searching for a dispensary near Dedham, MA. Now there’s good news: you can find Silver Therapeutics near your hometown and get all of the cannabis products that you’re looking for!

Our Boston dispensary near Dedham is a short drive away, conveniently located in Roslindale. We’re here to make sure you can find all of the cannabis flower, edibles, and other products that you need!

Here’s why people from all over Dedham, Massachusetts have been heading to our cannabis dispensary.

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Why Visit Our Dispensary near Dedham, MA

There’s nothing like a few good cannabis products to change your day. Whether you’re looking to relax or get creative with friends, you can find the cannabis products that you are looking for at our dispensary. We stock everything from topicals and tinctures all the way over to the basic supplies you’ll need to enjoy any cannabis product.

We’ve also got cannabis dispensaries all over the state of Massachusetts. If you find yourself on the road in the state of Massachusetts, you’ll be able to find one of our locations conveniently located somewhere near you.

We Educate

We’re committed to helping people understand the new world of cannabis. We have an educational portal on our website to give you all the information you need to enjoy the products you can find at our dispensary. Whether you need a guide to edibles, have questions like what is a crumble, or wondering how to roll a joint, we’ve got you covered.

We’re Local

Boston is one of our nation’s best cities. You’ll be able to find amazing entertainment, unbeatable nightlife, and some of the best restaurants in the country. Boston is all so beautifully located on the sea, so it gives you plenty of scenic vistas of the city’s unique and captivating skyline.

If you are located in Dedham, Massachusetts, then you’re just a short drive from our dispensary. Whether you’re coming to Boston for a weekend, or you just want to swing by to pick up an order, we’re have you covered.

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First Time Visiting a Dispensary in Massachusetts?

We want your first time visiting our cannabis dispensary to be a great experience. To that end, we’ve put together our AG Insights which gives you quick information about cannabis in cannabis products. We cover everything new from the new cannabis products all the way over to specialty products and how you can enjoy them.

You can visit Silver Therapeutics today and find the best cannabis dispensary near Dedham, MA!

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