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Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

Hoping to land a cannabis job in Massachusetts? Cannabis jobs in Massachusetts have been on the rise. Legalizing recreational marijuana in The Bay State led to more dispensaries, a billion-dollar local cannabis industry, and more job openings. Search online for dispensary jobs in Massachusetts and different full and part-time positions will pop up.

Silver Therapeutics has employment opportunities for the right candidate at our MA locations. Explore the list of top cannabis jobs in Massachusetts below to find one that matches your knowledge, skills, and experience. If you are interested in working with us, use this form to submit your information. Official job postings may appear on employment platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn.

Positions We May Be Hiring For

Top Cannabis Jobs in New England

1. Cannabis Retail Sales Associate/Budtender

Dispensary jobs in Massachusetts for retail sales associates are among the most popular. Sales associates, also called budtenders or dispensary agents, are like the backbone of a retail dispensary’s establishment. They are the ones interfacing with the customers and helping them find suitable products. Other main duties include answering customers’ questions related to different weed strains. They are also trained to educate customers about methods of consuming cannabis.

2. Cannabis Dispensary Manager

A cannabis job in Massachusetts as a dispensary manager is a leadership role that requires a certain skill and experience. Managers are responsible for daily operations such as scheduling and monitoring cannabis inventory. They are tasked with hiring and training customer service and sales agents. Employees holding managerial positions are required to stay up-to-date with applicable cannabis laws regarding consumer sales, possession, and consumption.

3. Cannabis Dispensary Inventory Specialist

A dispensary inventory specialist job requires excellent record-keeping skills. The employer has to maintain accurate levels of cannabis products in the dispensary inventory. They have to monitor each product being sold and input accurate sales data. Sales are audited daily to account for all products sold as part of compliance regulations. Tracking shipments and delivery from suppliers and distributors is also part of their job duties.

Dispensary Jobs in Massachusetts Qualifications

Dispensary employers look for potential employees who satisfy at least the basic or minimum qualifications. Some are listed below.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills
  • Eagerness to learn about cannabis and continuously update their knowledge
  • Strong ability to work in a fast-paced retail environment
  • Passion for educating customers on the various lines of cannabis products
  • Promote a positive, customer service culture and experience
  • Strong attention to detail and enjoy teamwork
  • Ability to problem-solve in a professional and courteous manner

Certain positions may require special skills and experience. For example, computer, math, cash-handling, data entry, managerial, or inventory skills.

Join Our Team at Silver Therapeutics in Massachusetts

Silver Therapeutics currently has three locations in Massachusetts. We’re always thrilled to add talented, passionate, and hardworking people to our growing team. We welcome inquiries and applications from all as an equal-opportunity employer. Contact us by filling out the employment interest form and submitting the information. We hope you will make a valuable addition to our team!